Virtual Coaching/Consulting

Times have changed, and so have we, we’re bringing in a new way of coaching and consulting that will keep our clients safe and healthy “Virtual Coaching and Consulting.”  We know how important it is for you to try and keep some form of normalcy in your life, and we have taken every measure to do just that.  Even though we’re virtual, it’s as if we are sitting in the same room working on our pathway of building balance and success along your journey.


All of our services are now right at the touch of your finger and connected via Zoom.  We still are very personable and private, and we keep our focus the same, making you feel secure during each of your sessions.  LaPaz Image Consultants is your “All-inclusive Luxury Service,” and we always strive to meet our client’s needs.

We look forward to continuing our services with you, we will get through this, and appreciate you all so much.

To success,


Sonya LaRae- Certified Lifestyle Expert, Certified Image Consultant, Educator, and Motivational Speaker