“A formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.”

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Sonya LaRae for the past 8 years on my style journey, and she always comes in with fresh ideas, a no non-sense approach to my compulsive shopping, and has taught me how to dress for my body type.  I love that Sonya never makes you feel inadequate in your style knowledge but always keeps you growing”  T. Myer-New York, NY. 

“My life felt like it was falling to pieces one day at a time – I was introduced to LaPaz and Sonya LaRae from one of my friends, and I have to tell you; the pieces that were falling apart somehow, someway this woman (Sonya) just knew what I needed to make me whole again.  I’m thankful to say she’s not just my Lifestyle/Relationship Coach, she’s an unbiased, sound voice of reason kind of friend.”   J. Poldecheck- USA

I hired LaPaz Image Consultants for a beauty class, I just haven’t been the type that had a talent with makeup.  I love how personable the class was and how it felt like they were in the room with me.  I can say I looked beautiful and I can duplicate the look, which is by far a miracle… Thanks for your skills and time, and I’m looking forward to my next class.”          B. Wooden – Lake Charles, LA

“I have had the pleasure of working with this extraordinary and delightful person.  I found Sonya to be very fashion savvy and in a class by herself.  The work she does is spectacular, she is a very busy lady, and it shows in all she does.  Sonya also recognizes up and coming designers and helps to introduce them to the world.  Thank you, Sonya, for being all that you are.”  L. Jackson – N. Carolina

“An amazing experience working with Sonya LaRae, President/CEO of LaPaz Image Consultants.  Her support, input, advice, and splendid creativity were remarkable for my 2010 NYFW/FNO show.  Her write up on the event gave our company an outstanding rating and push.  She is an expert and super professional in what she does.  I would recommend everyone to LaPaz Image Consultants and Sonya LaRae, plus I’m so excited to work with her and her company on future events.  I wish her the best and continued success!”              N. Lee – Boston

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sonya LaRae on and off for the past 4 years.  Sonya has styled me, remodeled my closet, worked with me on personal goals, and much more.  She has a straight forward approach, and a no-none since type of way that gets you to reach your goals take accountability and make true life-altering changes.  I feel Sonya has a gift of seeing things that you may not realize an obstacle that keeps you trapped in poor behaviors. With her incredible skill-set and knowledge, she imparts such wisdom in each and every session.”  Matthew – Paris

My then fiance now husband and I, took a couples counseling with Ms. Sonya LaRae… Honey, this woman helped myself and my husband to identify, understand, and learn each other’s love language and communication style.  We feel as if she saved us from years of arguing, resentment, and heartache.  Sonya is the ultimate professional and gives you such homework that opens the doors of communication freely.  We cannot thank her enough!”  P. & R. – Chicago, IL


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