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Fixed on Sobriety (Weight Loss)

Hey LaPazions, I know many when they see the word "Sobriety,"  they  automatically think you are speaking of either, someone addicted to drinking, drugs or even sex addicts.  I'm not speaking of any of these when I say "sobriety and weight loss."   This post has a lot to do with me and my weekend, you see this… Continue reading Fixed on Sobriety (Weight Loss)

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Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Woohoo!! New year, new visions, new trends and most importantly new essentials to add to our already blossoming wardrobe for 2019!!  I am happy to see a few trends go and I can say I'm not that happy to see a few trends coming back in style.  Look let's not waste any more time and… Continue reading Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

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Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Success

I know this may sound strange feeling guilty for being successful, but unfortunately there are so many that walk around with this dreadful feeling day-in, and day-out.  I guess you're thinking how is this even possible, when we all are striving for "success?"  Here it is in a nut shell many people downplay the awesomeness… Continue reading Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Success

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5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

I guess this topic may come as a surprise or even sound funny coming from a professional shopper, but this is a true fact I see every day working with my clients.  They (Shopping Addicts) shop just because they can or it's their way of battling depressions, stress, or boredom. I had to laugh one… Continue reading 5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

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5 Steps to Creating Your Life Plan

I love when I start working with my clients and they start of by stating how they feel their life is just running without them really having full control over it.  This is the juncture where I introduce them to having a "Life Plan." A "Life Plan" basically re-organizes your life and removes unwanted baggage.  You cannot… Continue reading 5 Steps to Creating Your Life Plan