Natural Skincare

Many times we seek out products that we think will make our skin feel and look healthy, but in fact, we are doing the exact opposite.  I, for one, know this to be true from years of working with clients and teaching them proper skincare for their particular skincare needs. I know for me myContinue reading “Natural Skincare”

Fixed on Sobriety (Weight Loss)

Hey LaPazions, I know many when they see the word “Sobriety,”  they  automatically think you are speaking of either, someone addicted to drinking, drugs or even sex addicts.  I’m not speaking of any of these when I say “sobriety and weight loss.”   This post has a lot to do with me and my weekend, you see thisContinue reading “Fixed on Sobriety (Weight Loss)”

Beauty In Rice

          This article is property of LaPaz Image Consultants and LaPaz Image Consultants Blog © 2019.  It is prohibited by law to copy, add or release this information without signed authorization of the so said company herein listed in this article under the laws of The United States and Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaContinue reading “Beauty In Rice”

7 Tips To An Open-Mind

We hear this term (open-minded) many of times, but how can we as individuals develop and maintain such a great open-mind-set? What would be the benefits of have an “open-mind?”  I’m going to give you seven (7) ways in which you can develop this quality and the benefits you will experience.1. Letting go of Control:  When you openContinue reading “7 Tips To An Open-Mind”

5 Steps To Setting Goals For The Year

Another year is coming to a close, seems like 2018 just started but, it truly has flown by quickly.  Which brings us to setting “New Goals” for the new year 2019!! January is only 13 days away so, what are the steps in setting realistic year goals.  I’m going to give you five (5) basicContinue reading “5 Steps To Setting Goals For The Year”