5 Steps To Setting Goals For The Year

Another year is coming to a close, seems like 2018 just started but, it truly has flown by quickly.  Which brings us to setting “New Goals” for the new year 2019!! January is only 13 days away so, what are the steps in setting realistic year goals.  I’m going to give you five (5) basicContinue reading “5 Steps To Setting Goals For The Year”

Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Success

I know this may sound strange feeling guilty for being successful, but unfortunately there are so many that walk around with this dreadful feeling day-in, and day-out.  I guess you’re thinking how is this even possible, when we all are striving for “success?”  Here it is in a nut shell many people downplay the awesomenessContinue reading “Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Success”

Why Do We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear

I know we all have some common reasons why we keep holding onto clothing that we really need to get rid of or donate.  Have you ever noticed that when you try to purge your closets your anxiety levels seem to spike crazy out of control? Look understanding “WHY” it’s hard to let go of clothes youContinue reading “Why Do We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear”

Celebrate Y.O.U.

Celebrate Y.O.U. • Are you ready to celebrate you? • Have you never given yourself a pat on the back? • Did you know simply celebrating yourself can propel you into happier healthier daily lifestyle? These 3 questions are very important and we’re going to cover them and I’m going to give you 3 mainContinue reading “Celebrate Y.O.U.”

Why Get a Color Analysis

Many of my clients aren’t totally clear about what a “color analysis” actually is, and why you need to know this? Many are skeptical about color analysis, and some feel they can wear the rainbow/array of colors.  Can the shades you wear really make that much of a difference? Let me start off by saying,Continue reading “Why Get a Color Analysis”