The Benefits of Concealer


You might be hearing mixed signals in regards to concealer(s)- To use concealer or not to use concealer OH is the question!  Well, my lovely makeupanistas, I’m here to tell you that makeup concealer is a real beauty essential, be it for everyday, special occasions, or occasional makeup usage.  This is one product that I would say never leave out of your makeup bag.

Here is a little history, it’s said that the first “concealers” were used in the 1920s as makeup to camouflage burns, birthmarks, various marks, and even varicose veins.  Now let’s bring this forward to our day and time.  Depending on what you are trying to achieve, concealers are found in a few different forms (liquid, stick, crayon, cream, and powder to cream).

To conceal or not to conceal

Here are the top benefits of using makeup concealer:

  1. Works with the foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve the appearance of a smooth and even skin tone
  2.  Refreshes tired-looking eyes
  3. To disguise puffiness blemishes, scars, and imperfections.
  4. Camouflage pigmentation and dark circles
  5. Lighter dark areas
  6. As a highlighter over cheekbones, brows, chin, and bridge of the nose
  7. To prevent lipstick from bleeding, either by priming lips with a concealer or by adding a little concealer above the lip line
  8. As a base before applying eyeshadow (excellent for making shadows last longer and pop)
  9. Hide tattoos and birthmarks

You now have a clearer understanding of the top benefits of concealers, so let’s get into each of the types of concealers:

Liquid Concealer: This has to be the most popular out of all the forms of concealers because; it works for most skin types.  Liquid concealer also works well for acne spots because it will not bunch up around the acne or settle into the scars.



The go-to concealer that I love and keep in all of my Makeup bags and kits, from Toofaced Cosmetics.  The multi-use sculpting concealer is everything, meaning it goes on flawlessly, you can have a little or a lot of coverage, plus it’s very hydrating gives you skin that kissed feel.

As you also know, I’m a fan of Toofaced Cosmetics foundations so, it’s a real no brainer that the concealers would make my must-haves…



Stick Concealer: Stick concealers are generally thicker, and denser in texture than liquid concealers, and are ideal for covering blemishes and for giving very rough or reddened skin a more even color and texture.  Stick concealer is a full-coverage product that works well on skin that has acne, as well as acne scars, as well as very dark under-eye circles.




L'Oreal Crayon ConcealerCrayon Concealer: Crayon Concealer offers customizable coverage from the finest of blemishes to larger areas of imperfections.  The tip of the crayon allows for precise application, while the side of the crayon can easily canvas a larger area.



Cream Concealer


Cream Concealers:  Cream Concealers are similar to foundation, yes you read that correctly.  The only difference is cream concealers are thicker and sued to hide different pigments by blending the imperfections into the surrounding skin-tone.


Powder-to-Cream ConcealerPowder-to-Cream Concealers: You read that correctly Powder-to-Cream Concealer, not Cream-to-Powder.  This is becoming a real game-changer in the industry.  I thought, wait, this is going to be the breathtaking moment we’ve all been waiting on, and oh yes, it is just that.  See Powder-to-Cream Concealer is a one-step solution that promises to give the same crack-less undereye coverage.  The idea behind powder-to-cream concealer is it starts as a powder, turns into a cream, and sets to a powder finish.  It’s the same long-lasting and creaseless finish that baking powder provides, but in one step and without the wait time.  I know this is simply brilliant, and I love all of it and use this from time to time on myself or on my bridal clients.

Here is a fabulous video that I located on Powder-to-Cream Concealer application:

I really hope this article has helped you with should you use concealer, to which concealer may be best for you… Whichever you choose, just like with primers, you are going to have to do a little trial and error to see which is right for your particular skin type and the type of coverage you are looking for.



Sonya LaRae – Certified Image Consultant, MUA, Certified Lifestyle/Relationship Expert, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

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NYFW- Cynthia Rowley

I think we all was a little shocked to hear that Cynthia Rowley would be showing this season, being that she had sworn off runway shows.  Rowley, decided to present this seasons collection at the London Terrace Towers, where she opted to use the apartments pool area which was half-size of an Olympic sized pool.

I think I’m in full anticipation on what we will be offered with this collection and what will be the feel and tone of the clothing… Yes, showtime and the first look comes out – well okay I’m not blown away nor does it take my breath away:

textgram_1550162389This collection wasn’t necessarily breaking new ground, we see that everyone is going retro (some doing it better than others), the collections retro energy to me fit Rowley to a T – and made somewhat of a nice reintroduction back onto the runway.. Ladies the 70’s will be living on and we hope you will make the trend your own and not get to tongue in cheek with it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have to show you all my favorite look from the night it just spoke to me and I cannot wait to hear your feedback:

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Article By: Linda Bushman – Certified Image Consultant/Fashion Journalist for LaPaz Image Consultants International


Sonya LaRae – Editor-in-Chief, Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

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NYFW-Dennis Basso

selective focus photo of woman holding string lightsHappy fashion week lovely’s, we know you are like most of us where, this is the most wonderful time of the year!!  Each year it seems to snow on us and we are absolutely frozen to the bone by the time we make it into our shows.. Like our Editor-in-Chief always says, “fashion is cold, sometimes uncomfortable, but always well worth fabulousness.”

We knew we were going to be treated to fabulous looks down the runway because, as we were coming to the shows it felt like we were being treated to pre-shows via the fabulous attendees headed to there shows:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As we did our interviews and spoke backstage we knew we where about to be treated to a day and a life of the elegant NY fashionista, per Dennis Basso.  Basso stated, “This collection is designed for the “New York City girl.”  She’s recognizable everywhere she goes and she’s someone every woman wants to be, whether she’s from London or Tokyo.

The first look hit the runway and we absolutely couldn’t agree with Basso more.   This collection is so elegant and just breathes life into every lady that is attendance and by far we are loving each and every detail that he didn’t spare:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you all caught your breath yet?  No!! Well neither did we it was one breathtaking look after another and each look got better, Basso gave our eyes such a treat with 50 different looks that complimented the furs and the mix of patterns.. Bravo is all we could shot!!


We cannot wait to hear your feedback and let us know which look you loved more, or if you are anything like us, we couldn’t pick just one.

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Article by:  Marisol DeGaines- Fashion/Lifestyle Journalist at LaPaz Image Consultants International


Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief, Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

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6 Fall-2018 Makeup Trends

Wow, I cannot believe how quickly summer left and now we are headed into the fall.  Can you smell the pumpkin spice?  The leaves are falling and changing colors, we’re breaking out our cute sweaters, throws, booties, and most importantly we are introducing our fabulous rich color palettes for this fall season.Fall settingsWe’ve put together six (6) of our favorite looks for this season, as well as, how you can still work in your summer hues that celebrate and balance your stunning look.  With that being stated lets jump right into our selections:

The Bold and The Beautiful: 


Don’t  panic ladies that bold sexy red lip is still slaying the fall season. We love this beautiful trend and most of you ladies can rock this look as long as you pick the right base.  We love this Matte Ruby Red lipstick from MAC cosmetics- it’s a blue base.  Have a little fun ladies and allow your pout to say more than your words.

Pretty in Pink:


We love this gorgeous feminine look, and who can resist a little soft pink eye palette? Not ME!! The MAC X-9 Dusky Rose is perfect for a soft pink lid or maybe you’ll change-up that smokey eye (side note is still hot for fall 18) and give yourself the sexy pink panther smokey eye.. Try it you just might fall in love with it

Winged Eyeliner and Jeweled Appliques:


Ladies, I have to be honest I’m so feeling this jeweled applique- It’s so exotic and just accentuates the eye effortlessly.  When I first saw this on the runway,  I came back to my hotel and started purchasing the different appliques (which by the way several ESTY’s have them for such a steal).  You know they say the eyes are the window to the soul and when you place these appliques just so they make your eyes pop, and your windows seem to hold such incredible allure and secrets.  Don’t be scared to experiment with the different ways you can apply them and make sure you own the look.


Golden Touch

Bruno Mars isn’t the only one that feels 24k magic in the air, because a shimmer is hitting your lids and even your highlighter.  You know this is one fall trend that took a little getting use to and seeing if we liked it, loved it or was going to pass on it.  Here it is ladies, you have to use your golden palettes wisely, because if you do too much you will look like a clown.  My suggestion is use the golden touches as highlighters on your eyes and cheeks until you get the full hang of this beautiful warm tone.

The Brighter the Better:


This is where you can introduce the summer palettes- ladies BH Cosmetics introduced us to such an amazing eyeshadow palette, which is called “Take Me Back to Brazil,” which will give you gorgeous hues from summer, but still holding true to the season.  We produced this look on Sonya LaRae- from this collection, and I have to tell you all day everywhere she went,  she received compliment after compliment and so many wanted to know what brand she used to accomplish this very fashion forward look.  Experiment with the colors,  adding them into your darker palettes and giving you just the right pop that will take you deep into the fall season.

Gloss Is Your Friend:GlossyI have to tell you ladies I haven’t met a gloss I didn’t like.. LOL!! I think glosses give such a different look and makes your lips look so moist and sexy.  You’ll notice when you wear a gloss many seem to almost become memorized by your pout.. It can give that lipstick the needed boost that it lacked and take your look to the next level.

Now that you all have my top six (6) picks,  which is only a tip of the beauty iceberg.  Love for you to tell us your fall trends in makeup that you will be rocking for the season leave a comment and lets chat it up.

(this is not a sponsored post these are all products that we like at LaPaz Image Consultants)

pic 1   Article By: Jade – Certified Beauty Consultant, Fashion Journalist, Certified Image Consultant at LaPaz Image Consultants

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