Marc Jacobs-Closes NYFW

I feel my heart beating so fast in true anticipation of Marc Jacobs runway offering.  I know we are about to witness and be treated to creativity, dramatics and pure luxury-  which I can honestly say, Marc Jacobs never disappoints. Okay, show time the lights dim and this fabulous string quintet start playing and the … Continue reading Marc Jacobs-Closes NYFW


NYFW-Michael Kors

Were excited to see the Michael Kors collection, because looking at the room you see the beautiful chandelier, disco ball and just golden fabulosity: Woohoo!! show time and we aren't disappointed what so ever.  I find it incredible how our editor-in-chief, Sonya LaRae,  is so on the cutting edge just before the trends hit the … Continue reading NYFW-Michael Kors

Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Woohoo!! New year, new visions, new trends and most importantly new essentials to add to our already blossoming wardrobe for 2019!!  I am happy to see a few trends go and I can say I'm not that happy to see a few trends coming back in style.  Look let's not waste any more time and … Continue reading Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

I guess this topic may come as a surprise or even sound funny coming from a professional shopper, but this is a true fact I see every day working with my clients.  They (Shopping Addicts) shop just because they can or it's their way of battling depressions, stress, or boredom. I had to laugh one … Continue reading 5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

evpct Product Review-Glitter Lipstick

We heard so much about this website "Wish" and someone said the lipstick company evpct had great glosses, so we thought we'd give it a try.  We ordered two (2) different Glitter lipstick shades from them and we tried them out for you so we could give you our honest feedback on the site and the … Continue reading evpct Product Review-Glitter Lipstick