Color-Analysis What?

I know most are wondering precisely what is a “Color-analysis?” What does it consist of and, why do you really need one?  I’m about to take you on this significant part of your styling journey and why knowing what your particular color palette consists of will make you look fabulous even on those slight blah days. Color-analysis=Continue reading “Color-Analysis What?”

NYFW- Cynthia Rowley

I think we all was a little shocked to hear that Cynthia Rowley would be showing this season, being that she had sworn off runway shows.  Rowley, decided to present this seasons collection at the London Terrace Towers, where she opted to use the apartments pool area which was half-size of an Olympic sized pool.Continue reading “NYFW- Cynthia Rowley”

Marc Jacobs-Closes NYFW

I feel my heart beating so fast in true anticipation of Marc Jacobs runway offering.  I know we are about to witness and be treated to creativity, dramatics and pure luxury-  which I can honestly say, Marc Jacobs never disappoints. Okay, show time the lights dim and this fabulous string quintet start playing and theContinue reading “Marc Jacobs-Closes NYFW”

NYFW-Michael Kors

Were excited to see the Michael Kors collection, because looking at the room you see the beautiful chandelier, disco ball and just golden fabulosity: Woohoo!! show time and we aren’t disappointed what so ever.  I find it incredible how our editor-in-chief, Sonya LaRae,  is so on the cutting edge just before the trends hit theContinue reading “NYFW-Michael Kors”

5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

I guess this topic may come as a surprise or even sound funny coming from a professional shopper, but this is a true fact I see every day working with my clients.  They (Shopping Addicts) shop just because they can or it’s their way of battling depressions, stress, or boredom. I had to laugh oneContinue reading “5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions”