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5 Steps to Creating Your Life Plan

I love when I start working with my clients and they start of by stating how they feel their life is just running without them really having full control over it.  This is the juncture where I introduce them to having a "Life Plan." A "Life Plan" basically re-organizes your life and removes unwanted baggage.  You cannot… Continue reading 5 Steps to Creating Your Life Plan

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Celebrate Y.O.U.

Celebrate Y.O.U. • Are you ready to celebrate you? • Have you never given yourself a pat on the back? • Did you know simply celebrating yourself can propel you into happier healthier daily lifestyle? These 3 questions are very important and we’re going to cover them and I’m going to give you 3 main… Continue reading Celebrate Y.O.U.

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StyleCon NYC

  I had the pleasure of attending StyleCon NYC - 2018, this past Saturday at Root Studio, which was turned into a fabulous open modern space to all the influencers, fashionistas and top brands to mingle and network.  I cannot begin to tell you all how fabulous this event truly was.  Let me introduce you… Continue reading StyleCon NYC