Sonya LaRae


Sonya LaRae At a Glance: 

I’m Sonya LaRae, a seasoned Certified Fashion Psychologist, Certified Lifestyle/Relationship Counselor, Motivational Speaker, and Educator.

I’m honored to say over the past 20+ years, I’ve helped thousands of clients transform their lives, wardrobes, and confidence to create the image and lives they are meant to live.  Helping my clients develop a deeper understanding of the influence of fashion and human behavior to ultimately use fashion as a vehicle for enhancing mood, creativity, self-esteem, and wellbeing.  

I love the clarity it brings for my clients, as well as the incredibly uplifting and invigorating energy it gives me to watch as my clients’ metamorphosis takes place. They start to emerge as the individual of their mind’s eye.

My Vision:

1999, I established LaPaz Image/Event consultants Where I helped a countless number of clients, but I wanted to really focus on my clients more and develop a full-service agency to address all the needs of my clients-so; in 2016, I sold the event side of the company and restructured my company where “lifestyle coaching” was brought to the forefront. 

My passion has always been helping others, seeing themselves in a brighter light, and knowing they are living authentically. I love every element of Lifestyle Coaching, Fashion Psychology, and motivation-these are what drive me to be one of the best in the industry and why I can say my companies tagline with great confidence “WHERE EVERYTHING IS FABULOUS!”

I personally feel that Coco Channel stated my feelings regarding fashion perfectly.


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