Relationship Coaching

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“Create the strongest love relationship of your life.  Feel seen, understood, and valued.”

Relationships are built, they have either a stable or unstable foundation.  Have you found yourself feeling as if you and your partner are on different links or communication is broken?

Have no fears, I’ve developed a system through several years of working with individuals and couples, who get empowered to create the lives and the love that they really want and need.   This isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of relationship coaching process.  I have developed several coaching programs and each one has a different focus and purpose.

Each of the programs starts with a blueprint and is then completely customized to fit your personal and unique relationship challenges and to help you reach specific goals.

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 Individual Coaching:

“Lack of communication can drive a spike between two people wider than any physical distance.”

Do you have the love you’re seeking in your life?  Are you tired of attracting the same type of person?  Relationship building and developing your love and relationship identity takes a few steps.

  1. Learn how to be more fully you, shine your inner light outward, and claim your unique expression.
  2.  Stand in your value with knowledge and strength.
  3. Articulate your needs and desires in a way that feels good.
  4.  Identify and learn your love language.
  5. Embrace the real you and attack a partner that will do the same.

*Plus: Learn the key things you may be doing to block the ver love you want and what to do about it.

Couples Coaching:

Should I stay, or should I go:

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This is more than a catchy phrase- It’s a reality.  You’ll learn to transform confusion and uncertainty into clarity.  You’ll see clearly how staying can mean more of you compromising your authentic self, for something that will never add value not fill your love bank.

The connection starts with Y.O.U. – Stop settling for mediocre unfulfilling, and lackluster connections.  Its time to create the type of relationship you want, need, and deserve to live a happy love-filled life.  I teach you your love language and how to identify those that don’t compliment nor will they communicate they love language that is compatible with you.  Step into your relationship with a renewed confidence and energy that will empower your mate to be just as passionate as you are.

I structure all coaching packages, not on a single session(s) so that I can serve you on the deepest level possible. As an online Relationship Coach, which means I coach people all over the world (US, Canada, Paris, UK, Australia) via online video calls.

Online coaching makes it convenient for you to be able to receive coaching in the comfort of your own home, which save you the time and hassle of commuting, plus keeps you from being limited to coaches/practioners located only in your area.  It’s very personal and we develop a close working relationship to that will help you feel as if we are sitting in the exact same room.


I look forward to working with you and helping you build on your relationship.