Lifestyle Coaching


What does your best life “Y.O.U.” look and feel like?

You may not have given that any thought or even really know what it looks like- You being here is NO accident.  Here is a fact-life happens and we all have things that give us stress, or worse sleepless nights i.e. family, health, finances, you name it.

How can you create a life free from unwanted circumstances?

Unfortunately, you can’t, but you can learn to move through them with more grace, power, ease, and freedom then you may think.  Here is a key: It is about living a life aligned from inside out.  WHAT!!  Yes, it means you must get honest about as-well-as being connected to what you want most.


  • Not pretending
  • Not what you think you should want
  • Not what others want for you


No matter what anyone else may want for you- It’s not going to last or bring you any true fulfillment because, when you ignore your inner voice (passion) it will always be something missing or slightly off.


When you’re living an aligned life, you operate from a space of confidence and clarity.  Change can be scary, but remaining stuck or living with regrets is even more terrifying- Growth can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be painful.  That means you’ll have less frustration, confusion, self-doubt, and anxiety- It means finally getting out of your own way.  It means you’ll have clarity, presence, focused intentionality, accomplishment, energy, joy, and more success in every area of your life.

By collaborating with me you’ll finally have permission to press pause and really examine who you are, what you truly want, what you need to eliminate, and where you’re headed- Then we can implement the tools and strategies to get you there.

Here’s your opportunity to:

  1. Explore, reflect, and take major action in areas you’ve been stuck and unable to change or move beyond.
  2. Adopt new thought patterns and habits that actually serve you.
  3. Identify and prioritize what matters most.
  4. Set realist reachable goals.

We will connect once to two times a week via Skype (most sessions are for 12 weeks). In between our appointment times you’re free to e-mail me your progress, questions, and concerns. At the end of our time together, we’ll evaluate how far you’ve come and what makes the most sense for you going forward.  You’ll have the tools, worksheets, and concepts in your binder, that we’ve established as part of your new approach to living- The end goal is for you to always operate at your peak potential.

I’m looking forward to helping you confidently and seamlessly step into what’s next.  Take the first step with a complimentary 30 minute Intro call.

30-Minute Life Coaching Session

We'll meet 30 minutes two (2) times in a month - We'll discuss what your goals are and how you can set realistic obtainable methods of achieving those goals. We'll discuss the top obstacles that are keeping you in a set pattern plus much more. Fee is per session with limited contact between sessions



60 Minute Life Coaching Session

Three (3) 60-Minute sessions per month- We’ll explore life transitions, relationships, career, or professional growth. We’ll set realistic goals, review the obstacles that may be holding you back. Well, develop the markers that will bring you to your next achievement. Fee is per session and limited contact between sessions