Lifestyle Coaching

Think about this, what is the coaching process? Think about that thing you want – How would your life look if you made the changes and transitions you need to prepare for it to happen?  My coaching process is a clear path that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking to make a career pivot, launching a business, adulting, working on your relationship, or only looking to fix poor habits, I know how to make change happen and helping you declutter the pathway.

I’ve been a Lifestyle/Relationship Coach for the last 10 years, during which time I’ve coached thousands of clients in pursuit of life, love, career, happiness, and ultimately their goals.  I have developed a process that gives proven results from the moment we start working together.  When you hire me, we work together on a 2, 3, 6-month project, and we meet regularly to make change happen.  We’ll strategize and create precise, actionable next steps.  You’ll receive my masterclass on “Decluttering Your Mind” the workbook will help you pinpoint the things you or holding onto/hoarding in your mind that prevents you from achieving your goals.

You may be wondering what my coaching process is?  I’m going to give you my step-by-step process.

FlyerMaker_23072020_145432Step 1- We define your strengths, passions, clarify your values, redefine success, and actively IMAGINE your goals.

This is when we have a conversation about what you like, what you’ve always wanted, what you’re drawn to.  We reconnect with the enthusiasm of your younger self and bring the dotted line today and tomorrow.  Together, we build a visual picture of your future, what it will look like when you’re living in a way that has meaning for you.

FlyerMaker_23072020_145106In Step 2- Now that we’ve identified your core values, your superpower, and your definition of success, we can make a PLAN.

First, let’s paint the picture.  That book you want to write: what does the cover look like? What will you do with your spouse (when you find him or her) or with your current mate?  Tell me about your summer vacation with the kids when they are nine years old.  These are powerful tools because when you start to visualize, you can actualize. These visions prepare your brain to expect this reality.  These are your significant, influential milestones.  During the planning phase, I observe the gap between what you say you want and what you’re doing to achieve what you want.  Then gently and carefully, we close that gap…

FlyerMaker_23072020_145856In Step 3- Until you do that thing you want to do, whether it’s writing your book, learning to cook, pivoting into a new career, or setting up a business, it’s just talking.  Like a first kiss or experiencing birth, you can talk all you want, but you don’t really know what the experience is like until you do it.

I move you to action while the plan isn’t filled out.  You will learn more while taking action.  This will require us to dig deep, to recognize the elements and how you will implement and refine them to fit into your life plan.  After thinking, acting, and trying new things, you’ll see how to move forward and go for what is essential to and for you.  Implementing and refining is the critical element to change, long-lasting change. This will be where we will spend most of our time together; you’ve established a vision, made a plan, now we iterate through good old-fashion work and trial and error until we get to that place where you say, “This is it! This is ME!”

FlyerMaker_23072020_150354In Step 4 – While we work together, you lose sight of how hard you’re working because you get into the flow state of mind.  

We work as a team – the coaching process and the coach are your turbo-buster, and you’re ready to launch.  You need us to clear the atmosphere, and then you’re flying high, living a life of your design.

As you accomplish your goals, we take time to celebrate and acknowledge your achievement.  When we do this, we look back at what is working and why.  By reinforcing what worked, we’re encouraging those habits for the future.  Celebrating is actually part of the work.  

This is the cycle of my coaching process and how I have such great results with my clients.