Lifestyle Coaching Program

Each client starts with a preliminary introductory (30Min. Free) session.  This session we’ll discuss things you may feel you are struggling with, identify the obstacles that are cluttering your mind and keeping you from creating the life you long for, the career you’ve dreamt of, the love of your life, or maybe just feeling complete and whole within yourself.  By the end of the session, you will have identified a coaching goal, the next steps to take, and the motivation to move forward.  At this time, we’ll discuss which of the following programs are best suited for you.

JUMPSTARTER:  4 Sessions  2 Months $750.00 PER MO. (Payment options avail.)

  • Support and partnership during jump starter transitions, powerful strategic goal setting, kicking off significant change.
You can pay for your session in full, or you can make 2 payments in the amount of $375.00 each

UPTAKE PROGRAM (MOST COMMON): 9 Sessions 3 Months $650.00 PER MO. (Payment options avail.)

  • Looking to accelerate dramatically, a client(s) has ample time to implement strategy between sessions.

STAY THE COURSE: 12 Sessions 6 Months $550.00 Per MO. (Payment options avail.)

  • Designed for busy professionals, individuals, or parents seeking longer-term impact.  Achieve multiple goals over more time.
These payments are reoccurring per month


  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Scheduling priority
  • Workbooks
  • Referral bonuses


After our Introductory session, a SINGLE SESSION OPTION may be better for you.  When you need a boot for motivation clarity or energy.

Price: $ 475.00