Dressing Your Body-Type Course

Hey Beautiful! Welcome to Dressing Your Body-Type Masterclass!

I know every one of us wants to feel fabulous and drop-dead gorgeous in our clothing.  Have you noticed how some women and men seem to ooze such confidence and look stunning in anything they put on?

That is because they are dressing their particular body type. Every person’s body is unique, and you’ll never know which clothing styles make you feel great until you try them on, but when you can wear things that are complementary to your particular body type and shape is where the magic really takes place.

In our masterclass, you aren’t going to be in a class with a pear shape, and you are an apple, hourglass, or inverted triangle.  You’ll be in class with ladies with the same body type as yourself; they may be slimmer or heavier, but they are the same shape and issues as what you face for your body shape and type.

Below, you will find our intake sheet and a few baseline questions; once you complete the form, we’ll email the class schedule; don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity.

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Class Fee: $250.00

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