Review of Toofaced Cosmetics

Woo-hoo!! Yes, LaPazions, can I just tell you how excited I am to have received my products from the one-and-only Too Faced Cosmetics! The pink box came via my fabulous, always dependable UPS delivery person (he’s such a good guy).


Every box comes with a personalized message from Founder Jerrod Blandino, which gives that special something to each delivery.  The message feels as though he is speaking directly to you.  I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Now, before I break down our fabulous box this is how it came to me


I know, I totally almost lost it when I opened this box and saw all these stunning packed products.  LaPazions, sit back grab your note books and let’s get into this pink box of luxury!

We received the Too Faced HangoverRX Wash The Day Away detoxifying, Nourishing, and calming Pore-Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser. As you all know, I’m really an all-natural product user and stand behind my homemade skincare products, but I gave this facial wash a try and was taken by it.  Little note: I didn’t use it around my eyes per the instructions on the box, but, all and all, I was taken by this product. I ended up using my Olive Oil infused with Himalayan Sea Salt to remove my eye makeup and,  to go over my skin just too see if the product had removed all my makeup, which it did (See before and after pictures under the featured product)



After Washing My Face With Purifying Cleanser

I always follow-up with my favorite products from SMD Cosmetics my Saromae Snail Serum and INHYUNJIN ESSENCE AGE DEFYING SERUM


Then in our fabulous box, we received the Chocolate Gold Soleil Long-Wear Gilded Bronzer which was beautifully packaged and the compact is just as gorgeous20200901_22193420200901_221953

I love the light scent of chocolate, seriously what lady doesn’t like some chocolate? The Chocolate Gold Soleil – is made with 100% Natural Cocoa Powder and Real Gold, honey you know you are going to be glowing… This is like the ultimate chocolate dream in a cute little compact. I’m looking forward to featuring this product for one of our glam shoots. 

Next in our box, we got the LOVE FLUSH LONG-LASTING 16-HOUR BLUSH.  Okay, now this compact is giving me such a romantic feel, why you ask? Because it’s shaped like a heart a pretty pink heart at that… The name total gives it away the LOVE FLUSH gives you that rosy cheek like when you’re blushing from that first time your breath was taken away by a soft sensual kiss


Do you feel the soft subtle flare of seduction? I mean look at this product the details are everything! You’ll blush all day and night, it’s fade-proof, smudge-proof, and keeps your cheeks perfectly flushed for 16 fabulous hours (Yesss!).  I am here for this pigment-rich, high-impact shade. The packaging states “That this product is a great color for any skin tone,” and I have to agree 100%.

Our last product that was in our box was the SWEET PEACH CREAMY PEACH OIL LIP GLOSS.  STOP THE PRESSES! This product right here is going to breathe life back into your lips LaPazions. Yes, I mean it has Peach Oil, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E to give your lips the needed moisture they deserve:20200901_222113

LaPazions the other thing is it smells like fresh-picked peaches that are juicy and ripe.  You know like when you bite into a great peach it’s just everything, well that is this gloss and the cute little smiling peach on the top is too yummy if I may say so myself.

Well, Just as fabulous as the message in the opening of our box, is the statement in the bottom or as I like to say the closing of your box is by far the final piece de resistance from Jerrod:20200901_180043

A message that is empowering, uplifting, and celebrating your beauty!  Hands down Toofaced Cosmetics knows how to make you feel special each and everytime♥

Well, my fabs, I hope you enjoyed this product review and I cannot wait to hear your feedback if you tried any of the featured products, let me know what is your favorite or which one wasn’t.  As always continue to be safe, stay home, and always be fabulous!




Editor-in-Chief, Certified Celebrity Image Consultant and Educator






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Skintastic Journey

Hello LaPazions, I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.  Wow, seems like this summer has gone by so fast, even though we’ve been dealing with a pandemic.  With this being stated, I just wanted to share with you all the fantastic “Skintastic Journey” is back!!photo-1595514446083-236b9985a0e2

You all have been asking when we are going to start the next Masterclass, and here it is.  You are going to learn how to take your skin from dull to glowing, from breakouts to clear skin, to natural products that you can find right in your very own kitchen to clean and nourish your skin. We are going to introduce you to a few fantastic products that will change the way you see your skin for a

The products that we will introduce to you are the secret to youthful, healthy, glowing skin.  Natural, safe, clean, award-winning, patented, herbal, and never tested on animals.  Plus, we have a special offer for you all after you attend the Masterclass, and special discounts!textgram_1598141239

We cannot wait for you to join us on September 20th, 2020 at 2:00 pm EST, a private Zoom link will be emailed to you once you are registered, and you’ll get your free downloadable list of natural products, that are found right in your kitchen.  Click the picture below NOW!LogoMakerCa-1598140993896

Cannot wait to have you all join us for a fabulous “Skintastic Journey!” 




Sonya LaRae Certified Celebrity Image Consultant, Educator, and Motivational Speaker


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Rimmel Haul of the Day

I know many of you have signed up to IPSY, Charm Box, or some sort of company that delivers beauty products to your front door.  Needless to say, so have we here at LaPaz, and we’ve got a boatload of merchandise.  Today’s article is about the Rimmel haul that we received… They sent several products and were going to break them down, let me show you what we got in this batch (not pictured is the Nail polish but, we’ll get to that later):


Yes, so we received 2 Eyeshadow pallets; the numbers for them are listed on the product but, just in case you missed it, one is 004 Green Park & 016 Urban Flower.   I have to say when it comes to the colors, they are beautiful, and you just cannot wait to get your brushes into them.  NOW Wait, hold on before you get too excited.  When I went to try the products, I got my brushes out and started to apply the lightest shade on my entire eye, but the fall out on the pallet and on my face was over the top… It took a few applications to see the product, as well as the effect that I wanted. This has been the same for the rest of the colors, which for me, I have to tell you, I love when my shadows POP!! You don’t have to over apply, and they don’t have a ridiculous amount of fall out as these did.  In my personal opinion, this fell a little flat for me and didn’t give me a look I wanted to accomplish:


Now let’s talk about my lipstick… Yes, loves this one is a definite keeper.  I don’t have a gloss under it, and it has this gorgeous shimmer and makes my pout look gorgeous!! The color is #214 – Firecraker, and it was a real Bang! Plus, the lipline they provided in 837 – Bare Brown is creamy and glides on without feeling dry or dragging.  I will purchase these two products again:


Now, since Covid19 (insert sad face) I have not been able to go and get my nails done, and many of you know I always keep my nail popping and believe in bling and elaborate designs, which is my form of expression and art… (Old Picture insert here) :


Needless to say; currently, my hands aren’t this fabulous, and all my nails have broken, and I look as if,  I’m rocking a child’s hand now but, (I digress)  the nail polish they sent with this haul is nice.  I don’t usually wear colors (as bright), I’m more into earth tones and a little darker and moody, but the pigmentation is excellent, and you don’t have to over apply for it to have correct pigmentation:




I think all and all, we made out well with the Rimmel haul, and we cannot wait to hear what you all thought of the products.  Just to run through the merchandise:

  1. NYC Rimmel Nail Polish 156 – Pink Champagne
  2. Rimmel Lipstick 214 – Firecracker
  3. Rimmel Lipliner 837 Bare Brown
  4. (2) Rimmel Eyeshadow Palettes 004 Green Park & 016 Urban Flower
  5. Rimmel Lipblam Juicy Peach
  6. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

If you have a product that you would like for us to review and try, please feel free to email:


20200731_161057Article by: Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief

Certified Image consultant, Certified Lifestyle/Relationship Expert, Educator, and Motivational Speaker


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Color-Analysis What?


I know most are wondering precisely what is a “Color-analysis?” What does it consist of and, why do you really need one?  I’m about to take you on this significant part of your styling journey and why knowing what your particular color palette consists of will make you look fabulous even on those slight blah days.

Color-analysis= Demonstrates how certain shades are capable of being flattering or, conversely, unflattering by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colors next to the individual.  It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone. In contrast, harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual, making them appear healthy and fresh-faced.

Wow!! I know that is a lot of information to digest in one sitting but, I’m going to do my best to break all this down in simple little bite fulls.  For me, as a Certified Image Consultant, I love working with my clients and teaching them about their particular “Color-analysis,” as well as educating them on how to bring in the other seasons that will still compliment their individualized color palette.  What are the seasons in which I’m referring?  Most individuals fall in a color category and can touch on others.

20200731_161057Let me use myself as an example:

My color-analysis is that I’m a “Winter/Spring,” Meaning my top notes are Winter: The colors from this season are bright and icy, like a winter’s day, always with subtle blue undertones.  Such as Hollyberry red, Emerald, Evergreen, royal blue magenta, and violet.  My complementary notes are Spring: These colors are clear and bright, just like the colors of a spring day.  The sun is low on the horizon, so everything is imbued with a golden hue… The trees and grass have not yet matured, so they are a bright spring green color, with distinct yellow undertones impart a vibrant, electric appearance… Colors like spring green leafy foliage, red-orange, coral tulips, bright yellow jonquils, and daffodils.

How is this possible?  It has to do with the undertone of my skin, hair, and eye color.  You see, my hair is black, my undertone is red, and my eye color is green, which crosses me into the Spring palette.  I always wear my colors, and I always look great in everything that I wear as well as when I am photographed in my home because I also bring my color palette into my house which makes me look stunning.

Do you understand it a little better than when we first started out? Good!  Now you may want to know what are the seasons you can fall in one of these and cross into another depending on other factors that we do with your color-analysis.

  1. SPRING: These colors are clear and bright, just like the colors of a Spring day.  The sun is low on the horizon, so everything is imbued with the golden hues of the sun.  The trees and grass have not yet matured, so they are tinged with yellow undertones and are a bright spring green color.  Distinct yellow undertones impart a vibrant, electric appearance to everything.  The colors of this season are indeed like a spring bouquet of flowers enveloped in bright spring green leafy foliage: red-orange, coral tulips, bright yellow, jonquils, and daffodils.
  2. SUMMER: The colors of this season are muted with blue undertones (think of looking at the scenery through a dusky summer haze).  Late summer blossoms, a frothy ocean, and white beaches are seen everywhere.  Baby blue, slate blue, periwinkle, powder pink, seafoam green, and slate grey are typical summer colors.
  3. AUTUMN:  These colors are virtually indistinguishable from the vibrant, earthy tones of the season for which they were named.  They are as golden-hued as a fall day, and it is impossible to mistake them for any other season.  Typical colors from the palette include pumpkin, mustard yellow, burnt orange, brown, camel, beige, avocado green, rust, and teal.  Autumn colors are perennially popular because they bring a feeling of warmth and security.
  4. WINTER: The colors from this season are bright and icy, like a winter’s day, always with subtle blue undertones.  To name a few: Hollyberry red, emerald, evergreen, royal blue, magenta, and violet.  Winter inspires pictures of winter berries, pine green conifers, and black and white huskies racing through snow.

Once you have your color-analysis completed, it will carry over into your cosmetics and help you to always wear the right colors that will highlight, brighten, and make you look refreshed.  You will be so surprised what the right tones and shades will do for you and how we work with color-theory to enhance each element that is developed for your signature brand, aka your personal look.

I hope this article has shed a better “Light” on what precisely a color-analysis is and how it can benefit you.  if you are interested in getting your own color-analysis book your consultation today COLOR-ANALYSIS


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Eyeshadow Brushes-101

photo of eyeshadow palette

I have read all the emails, DMs, and heard the outcry for a simple lesson on what eyeshadow brushes are used for what in the eyeshadow brush beauty bags.  Take a deep breath, grab your makeup bags, and maybe something to sip if you like while we get into it.

I’m going to start with one of the essential brushes in your beauty bag, which is none other than…

  1. ANGLED EYEBROW BRUSH – Why, would I say this is one of the essential brushes in your kit is because; this brush will frame the windows of your soul those stunning eyebrows…


This flat angled brush makes it easy to draw on feathery strokes for a natural brow.  Now, ladies, this brush isn’t to be mixed up with a liner brush… You may be thinking (hmm?) well, it looks just like my eyeliner brush, here’s the difference.  Eyebrow brushes are short stumpy brushes tightly-packed bristles that ensure it packs on the product cleanly.

2. EYESHADOW STAMP BRUSH – You’re probably thinking eye-whaaat??! What in the world is an Eyeshadow stamp brush? The short compacted bristles make this great for picking up a lot of product and packing it on to the lid.


Eyeshadow Stamp brushes are the perfect brush if you want a great shot of color (Yess!!), this brush is the ideal option.  I know you’ve seen where a makeup artist will have that intense pigmentation on the lid, kind of like making a statement of its own… Loves this is the brush that will deliver that look. I tell my clients to play with this brush get to know it because it will be one tool that you can do a lot of great tricks with.

3. MEDIUM EYESHADOW BRUSH – If you are a beginner, this is where it all begins and starts for you fabulous makeup beauties.  The medium-sized brush has a slight fan, which means it’s easy to apply the perfect amount of eyeshadow.


LaPazions, look this brush will be like you staple in your makeup bag… This brush is every makeup artist go-to brush.  It can do a multitude of beauty tricks when you apply shadow, and the product just sweeps across the lid effortlessly.  LOVE IT!!

4. EYE CONTOUR BRUSH – The angled edge of this brush and slight fanning of the bristles makes it great for sweeping shadow along the socket. This brush, as I stated you want to use along the crease to softly contour the edges of your eye.  This brush will bring depth into the eye bringing as you get better with your brushes; you see how you can change the shape of your eye using this brush.


5. EYE BLENDER BRUSH – The blender brush does precisely as it says, blends the mess out of your shadow.  Another favorite that you will get to know because this brush will keep you from have sharp edges and harsh lines. The long dome-shaped bristles fan out to diffuse eyeshadow pigments flawlessly.  When you see a flawlessly blended eyeshadow look from your favorite YouTube artist, MUA, on Instagram, I guarantee you, they spent a good 5 mins sweeping a blender brush over the shadow.  It gives a blown-out, soft-focus finish that looks gorgeous!


6. CONTOURED BLENDING BRUSH – Designed with a similar purpose as a standard bending brush, the slightly pointed tip of this one makes it perfect for smoking out any shadow in the crease of your eye.


7. FLAT BLENDING BRUSH – While a dome blender brush is excellent for diffusing shadows, a flat blending brush is a little more targeted this is because of the compact bristles, this makes it ideal for smudging any harsh shadow lines.  You do not want those sharp lines that will stand out, you want to have a seamless gradient eye that is what every makeup artist wants to achieve.


8. CUT CREASE BRUSH – If you want to carve out a killer cut crease, bae-bae, this rounded flat brush will help.  The cut crease brush is small enough that you can be super-precise in drawing on the shadow before blending it out with a dome blender brush.  The tiny size makes it a winner for using on the inner corners of your eyes.


9. WING EYELINER BRUSH – Being a little longer than the average angled brush means this is perfect for drawing on a wing.  The tightly packed bristles work with cream, gel, and powder formulas.  Wing eyeliner brushes let you control the fluidity and movement of the makeup so you can draw the thinnest of lines, to building up your line with light strokes until you have a shape you love.


10. FINE POINT EYELINER BRUSH – If you’re used to using a liquid eyeliner, this fine point brush will feel pretty familiar.  The pin-point tip makes it easy to draw on an ultra-thin eyeliner with just a slight flick of the hand.  This fine-point eyeliner brush is a must-have in your brush collection.


11. SMUDGY EYE BRUSH – This little brush has short, tightly packed bristles that work beautifully for applying and smudging creams and shadows along the lash line.


12. PRECISION CONCEALER BRUSH – LaPazions, sometimes you need a small brush to apply concealer around the eyes or on the lids.  Particularly if you want to get right into the inner corners.  By the way, I like to always pick up a second Precision Concealer Brush because it is also useful as a lip brush, which allows you to have precise control of the lip product as you apply it.


LaPazions, I hope I answered your questions in regards to your essential eyeshadow brushes in your beauty kits.  I cannot wait to see the stunning looks that you all create using the correct tools.

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