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Twenty-Twenty – Lord, was like no other year, and coming into Twenty-Twenty-One hasn’t been any kind of picnic either.  The pandemic has rained havoc on everyone, everything, and every wardrobe that we as fashion psychologists/image consultants know it as.  This pandemic has impacted all of our lives, and it has proven that clothes aren’t just clothes; a change has also come with how we get dressed.

Now that they are stating that you must return to work, if you aren’t amongst those who get to continue working from home, you may feel that inward panic hitting you.  You may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to figure out what to slip into to go back into your office.  Please take a deep breath because we are here to help you make it in this thing called dressed for success or business.

How many of you are going to have to train your feet to walk in heels again?  Raise your hand; don’t be shy… I know for one, the other day was the first time in a year that I had real shoes on my feet; I’m not speaking of my sneakers, I mean real shoes fabulous kitten-heel mules, and it was almost like a baby taking her first steps… LOL!! 

LaPazions, we have learned while being in quarantine how to budget better, not to think we need to spend frivolously, and that simplicity isn’t a dirty word.  With all this being stated, we wanted to give you a few staples that you can carry from home and back into the office.


We all have heard the term “Zoom-Ready,” and we went online and purchased a few fabulous blouses that would look great on camera.  Guess what, fashionistas, those “Statement” blouses will work beautifully in your wardrobe for the office:

Statement Blouses are fun and add color to your wardrobe; they make getting dressed for work have a little more pop; what we are no longer accustomed to is the structured and blah looks.  We love a good-looking blouse, especially if you get it in fabulous prints or a wide collar.  You will love how it makes you feel!


Yes, the cardigan is one of the most fabulous essentials that I put into my wardrobe.  The cardigan came back in a big way, it’s a great staple to have in your wardrobe, and it coordinates well with other pieces, and you can dress it up or down.  You’ll be back in the office, and trust me, they will have the air circulating to keep the germs down, and you will need to stay warm:

They can be plush ready for winter, or lightweight and ready for daily wear, just a tip with cardigans.  Whichever you decide to add to your wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with this must-have.

The Shacket:

You read that correctly, the “Shacket” thanks to Taylor Swift’s latest album and her posting all over IG.  The Shacket is here, and it is here to stay, honey!  You’re asking what exactly the Shacket is?  It’s a slightly oversized shirt-jacket hybrid that’s currently blowing up and really just one of those things that you must have:

Yup, steal your husband/boyfriend’s or brother’s shirt and rock it as your fabulous new Shacket.  You can thank me later.


This is a point-blank statement… A fabulous large tote will never go unused or out of style.

Make sure you invest well, and you’ll get years of use and wear out of this fabulous bag.  I know my tote is my lifesaver and houses more than just my laptop.  Getting a fabulous large tote bag is something that any good business person should have.

These are my staples from my year in quarantine that I will be taking back into the office (if and when we return), and trust me, and there are going to be others that will bring even more home styling back into the office.  Remember to style wisely and practical, don’t be afraid to show off your newfound styling and keep it simple and classy. Have fun; I dare you!


Article by: Marisol Cortez – Certified Image Consultant, Fashion/Style Journalist


Editor-In-Chief Certified Lifestyle/Relationship Counselor, Fashion Psychologist and Educator

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