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Hello LaPazions, I hope I find you all doing well and always fabulous.  Well, I have to make you all laugh; things have been beyond crazy in my office because I’m working from home and not in my office so, when supplies and different products come in, we spray them down, keep them in a designated area and don’t touch them for up to a week or more.  Today, as I was in my beauty closet, I see this little box sitting on the shelf and opened it to my great surprise I found a jewel of all jewels (ta-da)!! It was none other than a Fenty Beauty product… YES!! Fenty, it’s been sitting in the beauty closet all this time; well, needless to say, I had to bring this to you all, and most of you are probably already using it.

Introducing you to the amazing Body Lava in “Who Needs To Wear Clothes?!”  Yes, LaPazions, I cannot believe I’ve been sitting on this for a few months.  I had to try it out immediately – I mixed a bit of the product into my foundation, and honey, the glow-up is REAL.  Now listen, beauty lovers, I want to give you all a little inside tip – if you’ve always dreamed of having that glowing, dewy look, this is the product for you.  Why? Because it has this brilliant shimmer and gives your skin that kissed healthy glowing feeling.


Do you see what I am speaking of? I feel my skin is always glowing, but this adds that little something special, and it’s light and looks very natural. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, doesn’t have a heavy smell, and your Beauty Blender will work fabulously when applying your foundation.

I definitely feel this will look great even after my shower giving my skin that just kissed look, and, currently in this pandemic, I need a little sunshine to give my skin that sitting poolside touch.  Fenty has done it again with another great product, and I’m going to give Body Lava 10 stars out of 10; I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about this product.



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