Style Hijacked By Covid

I know most of everyone has said their style has taken a major hijacking through this pandemic.  We went from posing and flaunting the hottest street style to rocking sweatshirts, sweatpants, no stilettoes but socks, furry slippers, and Uggs.

We went from this glamorous look above to something that most don’t even recognize.  With this being stated, there have been a handful of us that have fought to keep our style on point through this pandemic and are still trying to fight against the new uniforms that many have taken to:

Yup, the dreaded no style bonanza, the undone hair, and the unspeakable plain face no makeup rocking folks!! (dunt-dun-dunnnn!!) – WHHHHYYY!! Calm down, take a deep breath with me; I just had to give you my feelings as of late.  No need to panic, LaPazions, I am here to tell you that I haven’t fallen into the style bonanza trap, even though it’s been trying to catch me.  I guess you all are asking me how is it possible when your new office looks like this: Yes, this is a mini-view of my home office from all of the inventory, schedules, books, studio setup for my podcast, and any other thing that keep LaPaz up and running.  I have to say, I think more than ever, we need to have a little semblance of our normal atmosphere.  That semblance for me keeps me on top of my look, aka style game- each/every day – no matter if I’m in the house for days, weeks, or even months.  I need to feel like ME!!

I make sure I get up every day and get dressed as if I am headed out to my office.  I hold my mini photoshoot of myself, where I share what I’m wearing, beauty tips, new products that have come into my “office,” and anything that feels like I’m out and about.  I have new co-workers (family) who are doing their own thing and rocking their particular style, making them feel good.  I just had to make up my mind that I wouldn’t allow the pandemic to hijack my style nor set up shop in my wardrobe…

What exactly do I mean by setting up a shop in my wardrobe?  I refused to allow myself to order sweatpants and shirts; I was determined that my new look would consist of fabulous daywear, silk Kimono dusters, loungewear, cute tops that could even be transformed into mini dresses for the Zoom lunches, meetings, cocktail hours, you name it I am doing it.

I want to give myself a little boost each day and looked at it as a style challenge.  I love motivating my employees, friends, family, and anyone I come in contact with.  When I go out for the essential run, I make sure I have my makeup on, and my eyes are glamorous because wearing a mask puts the focus front and center on my eyes.  I smile under my mask and stay fashion-forward.  I say all this to help you all understand that even though we are living in very different times and things are so uncertain, keep doing the things that bring you joy, keep doing your hair, makeup, getting dressed up, or simply just not letting yourself be hijacked by this “new” normal as many like to call it.




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