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Woo-hoo!! Yes, LaPazions, can I just tell you how excited I am to have received my products from the one-and-only Too Faced Cosmetics! The pink box came via my fabulous, always dependable UPS delivery person (he’s such a good guy).


Every box comes with a personalized message from Founder Jerrod Blandino, which gives that special something to each delivery.  The message feels as though he is speaking directly to you.  I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Now, before I break down our fabulous box this is how it came to me


I know, I totally almost lost it when I opened this box and saw all these stunning packed products.  LaPazions, sit back grab your note books and let’s get into this pink box of luxury!

We received the Too Faced HangoverRX Wash The Day Away detoxifying, Nourishing, and calming Pore-Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser. As you all know, I’m really an all-natural product user and stand behind my homemade skincare products, but I gave this facial wash a try and was taken by it.  Little note: I didn’t use it around my eyes per the instructions on the box, but, all and all, I was taken by this product. I ended up using my Olive Oil infused with Himalayan Sea Salt to remove my eye makeup and,  to go over my skin just too see if the product had removed all my makeup, which it did (See before and after pictures under the featured product)



After Washing My Face With Purifying Cleanser

I always follow-up with my favorite products from SMD Cosmetics my Saromae Snail Serum and INHYUNJIN ESSENCE AGE DEFYING SERUM


Then in our fabulous box, we received the Chocolate Gold Soleil Long-Wear Gilded Bronzer which was beautifully packaged and the compact is just as gorgeous20200901_22193420200901_221953

I love the light scent of chocolate, seriously what lady doesn’t like some chocolate? The Chocolate Gold Soleil – is made with 100% Natural Cocoa Powder and Real Gold, honey you know you are going to be glowing… This is like the ultimate chocolate dream in a cute little compact. I’m looking forward to featuring this product for one of our glam shoots. 

Next in our box, we got the LOVE FLUSH LONG-LASTING 16-HOUR BLUSH.  Okay, now this compact is giving me such a romantic feel, why you ask? Because it’s shaped like a heart a pretty pink heart at that… The name total gives it away the LOVE FLUSH gives you that rosy cheek like when you’re blushing from that first time your breath was taken away by a soft sensual kiss


Do you feel the soft subtle flare of seduction? I mean look at this product the details are everything! You’ll blush all day and night, it’s fade-proof, smudge-proof, and keeps your cheeks perfectly flushed for 16 fabulous hours (Yesss!).  I am here for this pigment-rich, high-impact shade. The packaging states “That this product is a great color for any skin tone,” and I have to agree 100%.

Our last product that was in our box was the SWEET PEACH CREAMY PEACH OIL LIP GLOSS.  STOP THE PRESSES! This product right here is going to breathe life back into your lips LaPazions. Yes, I mean it has Peach Oil, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E to give your lips the needed moisture they deserve:20200901_222113

LaPazions the other thing is it smells like fresh-picked peaches that are juicy and ripe.  You know like when you bite into a great peach it’s just everything, well that is this gloss and the cute little smiling peach on the top is too yummy if I may say so myself.

Well, Just as fabulous as the message in the opening of our box, is the statement in the bottom or as I like to say the closing of your box is by far the final piece de resistance from Jerrod:20200901_180043

A message that is empowering, uplifting, and celebrating your beauty!  Hands down Toofaced Cosmetics knows how to make you feel special each and everytime♥

Well, my fabs, I hope you enjoyed this product review and I cannot wait to hear your feedback if you tried any of the featured products, let me know what is your favorite or which one wasn’t.  As always continue to be safe, stay home, and always be fabulous!




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