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I know many of you have signed up to IPSY, Charm Box, or some sort of company that delivers beauty products to your front door.  Needless to say, so have we here at LaPaz, and we’ve got a boatload of merchandise.  Today’s article is about the Rimmel haul that we received… They sent several products and were going to break them down, let me show you what we got in this batch (not pictured is the Nail polish but, we’ll get to that later):


Yes, so we received 2 Eyeshadow pallets; the numbers for them are listed on the product but, just in case you missed it, one is 004 Green Park & 016 Urban Flower.   I have to say when it comes to the colors, they are beautiful, and you just cannot wait to get your brushes into them.  NOW Wait, hold on before you get too excited.  When I went to try the products, I got my brushes out and started to apply the lightest shade on my entire eye, but the fall out on the pallet and on my face was over the top… It took a few applications to see the product, as well as the effect that I wanted. This has been the same for the rest of the colors, which for me, I have to tell you, I love when my shadows POP!! You don’t have to over apply, and they don’t have a ridiculous amount of fall out as these did.  In my personal opinion, this fell a little flat for me and didn’t give me a look I wanted to accomplish:


Now let’s talk about my lipstick… Yes, loves this one is a definite keeper.  I don’t have a gloss under it, and it has this gorgeous shimmer and makes my pout look gorgeous!! The color is #214 – Firecraker, and it was a real Bang! Plus, the lipline they provided in 837 – Bare Brown is creamy and glides on without feeling dry or dragging.  I will purchase these two products again:


Now, since Covid19 (insert sad face) I have not been able to go and get my nails done, and many of you know I always keep my nail popping and believe in bling and elaborate designs, which is my form of expression and art… (Old Picture insert here) :


Needless to say; currently, my hands aren’t this fabulous, and all my nails have broken, and I look as if,  I’m rocking a child’s hand now but, (I digress)  the nail polish they sent with this haul is nice.  I don’t usually wear colors (as bright), I’m more into earth tones and a little darker and moody, but the pigmentation is excellent, and you don’t have to over apply for it to have correct pigmentation:




I think all and all, we made out well with the Rimmel haul, and we cannot wait to hear what you all thought of the products.  Just to run through the merchandise:

  1. NYC Rimmel Nail Polish 156 – Pink Champagne
  2. Rimmel Lipstick 214 – Firecracker
  3. Rimmel Lipliner 837 Bare Brown
  4. (2) Rimmel Eyeshadow Palettes 004 Green Park & 016 Urban Flower
  5. Rimmel Lipblam Juicy Peach
  6. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

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20200731_161057Article by: Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief

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