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I have read all the emails, DMs, and heard the outcry for a simple lesson on what eyeshadow brushes are used for what in the eyeshadow brush beauty bags.  Take a deep breath, grab your makeup bags, and maybe something to sip if you like while we get into it.

I’m going to start with one of the essential brushes in your beauty bag, which is none other than…

  1. ANGLED EYEBROW BRUSH – Why, would I say this is one of the essential brushes in your kit is because; this brush will frame the windows of your soul those stunning eyebrows…


This flat angled brush makes it easy to draw on feathery strokes for a natural brow.  Now, ladies, this brush isn’t to be mixed up with a liner brush… You may be thinking (hmm?) well, it looks just like my eyeliner brush, here’s the difference.  Eyebrow brushes are short stumpy brushes tightly-packed bristles that ensure it packs on the product cleanly.

2. EYESHADOW STAMP BRUSH – You’re probably thinking eye-whaaat??! What in the world is an Eyeshadow stamp brush? The short compacted bristles make this great for picking up a lot of product and packing it on to the lid.


Eyeshadow Stamp brushes are the perfect brush if you want a great shot of color (Yess!!), this brush is the ideal option.  I know you’ve seen where a makeup artist will have that intense pigmentation on the lid, kind of like making a statement of its own… Loves this is the brush that will deliver that look. I tell my clients to play with this brush get to know it because it will be one tool that you can do a lot of great tricks with.

3. MEDIUM EYESHADOW BRUSH – If you are a beginner, this is where it all begins and starts for you fabulous makeup beauties.  The medium-sized brush has a slight fan, which means it’s easy to apply the perfect amount of eyeshadow.


LaPazions, look this brush will be like you staple in your makeup bag… This brush is every makeup artist go-to brush.  It can do a multitude of beauty tricks when you apply shadow, and the product just sweeps across the lid effortlessly.  LOVE IT!!

4. EYE CONTOUR BRUSH – The angled edge of this brush and slight fanning of the bristles makes it great for sweeping shadow along the socket. This brush, as I stated you want to use along the crease to softly contour the edges of your eye.  This brush will bring depth into the eye bringing as you get better with your brushes; you see how you can change the shape of your eye using this brush.


5. EYE BLENDER BRUSH – The blender brush does precisely as it says, blends the mess out of your shadow.  Another favorite that you will get to know because this brush will keep you from have sharp edges and harsh lines. The long dome-shaped bristles fan out to diffuse eyeshadow pigments flawlessly.  When you see a flawlessly blended eyeshadow look from your favorite YouTube artist, MUA, on Instagram, I guarantee you, they spent a good 5 mins sweeping a blender brush over the shadow.  It gives a blown-out, soft-focus finish that looks gorgeous!


6. CONTOURED BLENDING BRUSH – Designed with a similar purpose as a standard bending brush, the slightly pointed tip of this one makes it perfect for smoking out any shadow in the crease of your eye.


7. FLAT BLENDING BRUSH – While a dome blender brush is excellent for diffusing shadows, a flat blending brush is a little more targeted this is because of the compact bristles, this makes it ideal for smudging any harsh shadow lines.  You do not want those sharp lines that will stand out, you want to have a seamless gradient eye that is what every makeup artist wants to achieve.


8. CUT CREASE BRUSH – If you want to carve out a killer cut crease, bae-bae, this rounded flat brush will help.  The cut crease brush is small enough that you can be super-precise in drawing on the shadow before blending it out with a dome blender brush.  The tiny size makes it a winner for using on the inner corners of your eyes.


9. WING EYELINER BRUSH – Being a little longer than the average angled brush means this is perfect for drawing on a wing.  The tightly packed bristles work with cream, gel, and powder formulas.  Wing eyeliner brushes let you control the fluidity and movement of the makeup so you can draw the thinnest of lines, to building up your line with light strokes until you have a shape you love.


10. FINE POINT EYELINER BRUSH – If you’re used to using a liquid eyeliner, this fine point brush will feel pretty familiar.  The pin-point tip makes it easy to draw on an ultra-thin eyeliner with just a slight flick of the hand.  This fine-point eyeliner brush is a must-have in your brush collection.


11. SMUDGY EYE BRUSH – This little brush has short, tightly packed bristles that work beautifully for applying and smudging creams and shadows along the lash line.


12. PRECISION CONCEALER BRUSH – LaPazions, sometimes you need a small brush to apply concealer around the eyes or on the lids.  Particularly if you want to get right into the inner corners.  By the way, I like to always pick up a second Precision Concealer Brush because it is also useful as a lip brush, which allows you to have precise control of the lip product as you apply it.


LaPazions, I hope I answered your questions in regards to your essential eyeshadow brushes in your beauty kits.  I cannot wait to see the stunning looks that you all create using the correct tools.

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