Eye”brow” You didn’t know

Face JewelsI know, hold your breath I’m about to discuss those fabulous things that sit so innocently above your eyes, just daring you not to think you know how to brow-glam them.


Before I started to style my eyebrows, I just thought to myself, why is my hair so dark and my brows not as black as my hair… WHY??!! Fast-forward, and now we have a plethora of products to choose from.  There is a powder, pencil, pen, pomade, and gel but, which one is right for you?  This article is going to just tell you a little bit about each of these products and let you see which is suitable for your brows.

PENCIL- This is the most popular, which I keep in my makeup case for clients that prefer pencil instead of powder.  Pencil can give a soft look to your brows, and also you can use it under brow powder for a very natural subtle look.  Eyebrow Pencil is excellent because you can fill in sparse areas, or defining the brow more.  I tell clients that when you first try a pencil, always remember to start at the back of your brow, not the front.  You tend to be a little heavier handed and will lighten up your stroke as you come forward.  I like to Benefits Cosmetics Goof Proof Brows, it’s such a natural product and works well.

brow pencil1

EYEBROW POWDER- This product will help fill in any holes or sparse areas in the brows.  Remember, I told you that you can apply powder over a pencil? The reason I stated that is because the powder acts almost like a setting powder and will have your brows last longer and look very natural.  I know many of my clients state they had trouble picking out a shade that really complemented their eyebrows, I recommend you choose a color closer to your base hair color for a softer realistic look.  To use a brow powder, you’ll need an angled brush to effectively fill in your brows with powder.  You’ll need to coat the brush with the formula before dabbing; it on the back of your hand, the sweep in the direction of your hair growth with a light hand.   I like Bobbi Brown’s Brow Powder I keep this in my case for my clients that rather have powder.

Brow powder

POMADE- This is the secret to the bold brows you see all over Instagram and YouTube.  In addition to giving brows a dramatic, defined look, this formula can also give brows a subtle hold.  This product is excellent for those with very sparse eyebrows, and looking for a quick way to fill them in will love a pomade.  If you have thicker brows and decide to use pomade, you will have a dramatic, bold look. One of the leading pomades is by Anastasia Beverly Hills. My personal go-to cream/pomade is Chella Beauty – visit www.chellabeauty.com…   I fell in love with this company after receiving a complimentary “brow kit” during StyleCon NYC 2018 and keep this product in my personal makeup kit and have introduced several of my clients to these products…


GEL – This option by many professionals is one of their go-to-options because, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to add color, subtle hold, and fullness to the brows.  In fact, they keep brows in place very well.  A gel works well for individuals that have coarse, unruly brows really get an excellent benefit from this product.  I like using this product, and my technique is, I take any extra product off the spoolie… I use small, light-handed strokes, softly backcombing the brows… I think my go-to-product for the gel is Glossier Boy Brow…


These are just a handful of the brow products that are on the market, but we have even touched on markers, wax, or color. The one thing I can say is whichever you do decide to use, make sure that you practice and try out several different brands.  I thought this video was great to share on how to style your brows naturally.


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