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selective focus photo of woman holding string lightsHappy fashion week lovely’s, we know you are like most of us where, this is the most wonderful time of the year!!  Each year it seems to snow on us and we are absolutely frozen to the bone by the time we make it into our shows.. Like our Editor-in-Chief always says, “fashion is cold, sometimes uncomfortable, but always well worth fabulousness.”

We knew we were going to be treated to fabulous looks down the runway because, as we were coming to the shows it felt like we were being treated to pre-shows via the fabulous attendees headed to there shows:


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As we did our interviews and spoke backstage we knew we where about to be treated to a day and a life of the elegant NY fashionista, per Dennis Basso.  Basso stated, “This collection is designed for the “New York City girl.”  She’s recognizable everywhere she goes and she’s someone every woman wants to be, whether she’s from London or Tokyo.

The first look hit the runway and we absolutely couldn’t agree with Basso more.   This collection is so elegant and just breathes life into every lady that is attendance and by far we are loving each and every detail that he didn’t spare:


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Have you all caught your breath yet?  No!! Well neither did we it was one breathtaking look after another and each look got better, Basso gave our eyes such a treat with 50 different looks that complimented the furs and the mix of patterns.. Bravo is all we could shot!!


We cannot wait to hear your feedback and let us know which look you loved more, or if you are anything like us, we couldn’t pick just one.

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Article by:  Marisol DeGaines- Fashion/Lifestyle Journalist at LaPaz Image Consultants International

Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief, Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

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