Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

confettiWoohoo!! New year, new visions, new trends and most importantly new essentials to add to our already blossoming wardrobe for 2019!!  I am happy to see a few trends go and I can say I’m not that happy to see a few trends coming back in style.  Look let’s not waste any more time and jump right in with both feet and see what we need to add to our wardrobe:

  1. Good-bye skinny jeans: Yes this trend is finally coming to a happy end♥ and those body-types that shouldn’t rock a pair of skinny jeans just may thank the fashion trend setters for putting this one to bed.  Say HELLO! to Loose fit jeans with a little detailed embellishment to them:

Notice the loose jeans aren’t too loose and still give a nice silhouette – the little embellishments are a nice touch and not too over the top.  I think this new trend is going to look great with several wardrobes.

2. Corduroy Blazer: Pause, before you all start to throw your shoes at the screen or me, I have to tell you the new corduroy isn’t the corduroy that you mom or dad rocked back in the day.  The cuts are more fresh and very feminine and guys the corduroy blazers for you are extremely flattering and chic:

corduroy blazer No more wide shoulders and unflattering shapes, the corduroy blazer is fem and sexy and even some of the top celebs have donned the corduroy look recently i.e. Blake Lively and Alexa Chung:

3. Cargo Pants: I’m sorry what is there not to love about this trend?  I think cargo pants are so diversified and can be worn casual or dressed up for a night out with friends.  Cargo pants have come along way from those that my painter use to wear:

cargo pantsLook at how you can put a great pair of heels on with your cargo pants and change-up the silhouette.  Cargo pants now come in different fabrics that change the feel and look as well as how they are made.  I cannot wait to see how you fashion forward fashionista’s will rock this style. (side note be careful not to purchase a pair that has no structure to the cargo pocket).

4. Headbands:  This trend is really fresh and can take a bad hair day into a really cute hair day.  I like that they have matured the headband, bling’d it out and gave them flowers like a mini fascinator, that any proper English lady would love to wear:

5. Layered Necklace: Ladies I’m not speaking of your moms pearls, I’m talking about fashion forward necklaces that look too stunning when layered.  I have been rocking this trend for about a year and half because, I think it just looks sexy and adds such a simple touch that calls attention to your gorgeous neckline… It’s a win-win situation, one that you just cannot go wrong with… Wait, yes you can if you go all crazy and start looking like a rapper for the late 90’s:

6. Denim Shirt: I’m speaking of a good denim shirt one that can be tied in the front, tucked in, worn like a jacket over a really cute maxi dress, or a pleated skirt. OMG!! you will lose your mind- my favorite denim shirts are from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger you can do no wrong with either, but there are several other choices:


7. High Heel Loafers: This trend needs to stay forever, ever-ever.. lol!! I cannot begin to say how much I love a good high heel loafer and one of my favorite is from Tabitha Simmons her Mika High Heel Loafer is too gorgeous and comfy for words.  They are worth every penny and I cannot say enough about them.. Price point is $745.00:

tabitha simmons mika loaferThis is one sexy shoe if I may say so myself- plus it can be styled casual or dressed up and looks fabulous with a great pair of jeans.

8.  Chunky Cardigan: Who doesn’t love a fabulous chunky luxurious cardigan? I mean now you can find these fabulous cardigan’s with beautiful details on the sleeves and in such gorgeous colors.  I love this trend and I hope it stays around for a while:

chunky cardigan 9. Biking Shorts:  I feel like as soon as I typed this word- I had no more to say regarding this trend.  Really didn’t we have enough of this back in the day? You can thank Kim K. and her other half for this ridiculous come back.  I’m not posting a picture of this trend because, I don’t see the need.

10. Black Tights: I love black tights and especially in the winter- a good pair of black tights can take you a long way and can add just the right touch to your wardrobe:

black tights

These are our top essential we feel that you’ll love many of them and add your own style to the pieces. One thing with these essentials, they are very easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and it will also, give you a new and fresh look to some of your signature pieces.

Tell us what you think of the new wardrobe essentials, we cannot wait to hear your feedback.


Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker


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