5 Steps To Setting Goals For The Year

New Year New YouAnother year is coming to a close, seems like 2018 just started but, it truly has flown by quickly.  Which brings us to setting “New Goals” for the new year 2019!!

January is only 13 days away so, what are the steps in setting realistic year goals.  I’m going to give you five (5) basic steps that will put you on your 2019 goal pathway:

  1. Start With End Goals: First figure out what you’d like to achieve, perhaps boosting your energy, time management, daily meditation, you time, or to lose 10 pounds.  Decide which is most important that you’d like to start with.  Don’t be vague in setting your goals meaning, don’t simply say lose some weight.  By being so vague will allow you to fail but, being more specific like: “I’d like to lose 20 lbs.” will make your goal real and will help you map out your plan and diet.


  1. Place Your Goals Into Smaller Segments: A sure-fire way to fail and not achieve your goals, is by looking at the large frame or picture, if you break them down into smaller segments you won’t overwhelm yourself, which will mean you’ll be able to set and achieve realistic goals.  Start by breaking down the segments or steps you need to achieve and take them one-at-a-time.
  2. Celebrate Each Accomplishment: That’s right celebrate each accomplishment be it big or small.  By doing this you allow yourself to receive and acknowledge your accomplishments, plus it gives you a moment to see what you have reached and that you’re on the right pathway.  When you move toward lifestyle changes or changes on any level, its important to recognize your successes along the journey.  Journal your successes allow them to resonate deep within you.
  3. Remember That Change Takes Time: Sorry you cannot snap your fingers and the change will take place..  Do NOT think it will happen overnight, life changes take time, when you perform a new action it’s also new to your brain.  It creates a new neural pathway, those new neural pathways are only reinforced by repetition.
  4. Vision is Everything:  Vision boards are a key element in helping you to achieve your goals for the year or in your life plan.  By creating a vision board it allows you to see where you are going and what direction and steps you need to implement to reach your goal and your journey.  Vision boards provide you with a daily visual reminder (as we are visual creatures) of your dreams and goals.  The reason that they are so great or favored is because it’s much like a frontlet for your eyes or an ornament placed in front of you visually.


Lastly you do not want to become discouraged, pace yourself be positive, be focused and flexible because, you might see where one of your goals isn’t that great for you or your lifestyle, which may need to be adjusted to fit into your visual plan.

I’m hoping these tips will help you in your journey to setting your goals and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Until next year keep being fabulous and always allow yourself time to grow.


Article by:  Sonya LaRae- Certified Lifestyle Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Educator and Motivational Speaker


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