Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Success

addI know this may sound strange feeling guilty for being successful, but unfortunately there are so many that walk around with this dreadful feeling day-in, and day-out.  I guess you’re thinking how is this even possible, when we all are striving for “success?”  Here it is in a nut shell many people downplay the awesomeness of their lives and there accomplishments, because those that they associate with haven’t achieved or accomplished the things they have.

Many successful individuals find themselves telling lies about how successful they are or even how they have accomplished their success, so as to not make others feel less accomplished or inadequate.  When you keep carrying this type of guilt here are 3 specific ways it will and can affect your behavior:

1.  Take responsibility or the perceived wrong and show remorse by paying restitution, apologizing and making reparations.

2.  Deny that we’ve done anything wrong

3.  Feel shame for our behavior and also criticize ourselves.

Guilt Trip

You may not realize that feeling guilty about your success can also lead to self sabotage, which can lead to these types of behaviors:

1.  Giving away money to people (Not out of generosity)- Guilt forces you to pay restitution for your wrongs, so if your feel guilty about your good fortune, the one way to rectify it is by giving away money to others.

2.  Spend money as fast as you can- This is a good way to get rid of money and hide that you have money.. When you spend money as fast as you can that means, or even assures you stay in the same situation as everyone that you associate with.

3.  Self-sabotage by under charging for services- Easy way to not feel guilty about money is not making money.  You don’t value your true worth.

Yes, now that you recognize the signs and see how you are taking this feeling too far,  how can we fix the issue and stop feeling guilty for being successful?

1.  Stop apologizing for your success- Please read that again, use affirmations to let your subconscious mind know that it is safe and morally right for you to be successful.  Use this affirmation: I am worthy of all the good in my life and the success that is coming from my hard work.

2.  Sit with the guilt- Allow yourself to acknowledge the feeling, but don’t give it permission to control you.  Ask yourselfWhere does this guilt come from and wait for the answer.  The root cause of every emotion is a thought and once your release the thought, the emotion it causes will also be released.

3.  Celebrate your accomplishments- By celebrating your accomplishments it gives you permission to be happy for what you have done, by doing this,  it builds self-confidence in yourself, and allows you to see your success – and self worth, which you don’t have to be apologetic.

4.  Sharing isn’t bragging- When you tell your friends or associates about things you’ve accomplished, tell them and allow them to be happy for you and to ask questions.  You may be so surprised, how they will react and respond, give them the chance to share in your success.

Run to successSuccess is a journey and you have to be willing to walk that journey and celebrate the small accomplishments that you make.  Stop apologizing for being successful, stop thinking that others will be jealous of your accomplishments, and lastly give yourself permission to heal from the injury that you’ve self-inflicted from guilt of your success.

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Article By: Sonya LaRae- Certified Lifestyle Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Educator and Motivational Speaker



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