5 Ways to Control Shopping Addictions

Shopping addict1I guess this topic may come as a surprise or even sound funny coming from a professional shopper, but this is a true fact I see every day working with my clients.  They (Shopping Addicts) shop just because they can or it’s their way of battling depressions, stress, or boredom.

I had to laugh one of my clients stated, “I guess I’m a personal shopper?”  No, you are simply addicted to shopping, and shopping addictions are just as real as any other addiction that individuals may be battling.  I need you to stop giving yourselves cute little names like shopaholic, spendthrift, shopping-diva, these are all names hiding the fact you have a real issue.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen were self-proclaimed shopaholic’s end up bankruptcy, divorce and in millions of dollars of debt.

How do you break the cycle?  Don’t worry I’m going to give you five (5) tips on how to beat your addiction:

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1. Identify the shopping triggers: What activities do you find urges or drives you to shop– boredom, guilt, shame, stress?  You need to journal what the feeling is that causes you to want to go out and drop dollars.  You can either sit and start writing or use electronic record to document what is causing you to spend and spend some more.

2. What need is shopping filling: When you are excessively shopping it does not serve a “functional” purpose-  I see clients that have 15 of the same pocketbooks just in different colors. I’ve come to see that this type of shopping serves a psychological purpose by meeting an unfulfilled or under fulfilled need.  No matter what you do, if you don’t find the underlying issue(s) you will keep spiraling, you have to give yourself a healthier alternative to fill that need, step into the mind-set of halting your compulsory habit.

3. Replace shopping with something healthier: As an addict you must find healthier alternatives to filling your need.  Brainstorm with a trust friend or mate that can give you a few things to try, look at possibly new hobbies like taking stock of your wardrobe and donating to those that are in need, such as women who have been displaced, those that are just going back into the work force.  The goal is to trade in a negative and destructive addiction for one that is positive and healthy, or at least neutral.  You may even trade in those hours of shopping for quality time with your mate, children, and friends.  You just might be surprised all of what you’ve been missing.

4. Change your environment: One thing most individuals with addictions may not realize is that their environment plays a huge part in their behavior.  Perfect example, you are trying to stop eating candy, but you keep a large jar of jellybeans or Swedishfish and you cannot understand how you cannot lose your sugar addiction.  Here it is in a nut shell, you have to create a “NO-FLY-ZONES” meaning places you cannot go, such as malls, stores, online sites, catalogs what-ever is your fancy you must restrict, and going cold turkey isn’t going to cut it for you because, you will get into you first week and by Saturday, you’ll run to your favorite store and drop a few hundreds.. You must do this little by little, and pulling yourself away from your tried and true.

5. GET SUPPORT: This is one of the most important steps in your recovery.  Kicking an addiction is HARD to do alone, and getting some help from friends, family or trust individuals is the best way of having success.  Check your local area they may have shopping addiction networks, you can also visit Debtors Anonymous that can give you some great resources.

These are just a few of my top tips for beating your shopping addiction and I would encourage you to seek professional help if you know your underlying issue is more involved than what your friends may be able to handle.




Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Lifestyle Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Educator and Motivational Speaker

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