5 Steps to Creating Your Life Plan

I love when I start working with my clients and they start of by stating how they feel their life is just running without them really having full control over it.  This is the juncture where I introduce them to having a “Life Plan.”
illustrated“Life Plan” basically re-organizes your life and removes unwanted baggage.  You cannot see clearly where you are going if you cannot see the direction due to obstacles blocking your view.  Think of it this way you have a drain and you don’t clear it after a huge storm, you are going to have blockage and leaks, which is exactly what will happen when you don’t have clear focus.

Writing a life plan has become a huge thing for people.. How many times have you found yourself sitting and making list after list, but not have the success in caring them out? How many times have you heard yourself say I just sick and tired of being sick and tired? By developing a life plan it can help you quickly focus on areas that need improvement or eliminate issues that keep occurring.

What is a life Plan:

It centers around what you want your life to look like and putting healthy balances into your life.  With this being stated there are two (2) types of life plans:

  1. Generalized Life Plan: It touches on a few elements of your life and helps you clarify the areas that need work or improvement.
  2.  Strategic Life Plan:  It considers all of the areas in your life that are important to you- This plan is based on a framework of personal values, hopes and dreams.

life plan treeWith all this being stated I have 5 tips to give you to help you develop your life plan and to put you on your pathway to success:

  1. Get a correct vision- This requires a thorough research or search and proper analysis of your deepest desires
  2.  Pen to Paper- Writing down a clear plan for life in your journal and get use to revisit and rework
  3.  Set deadlines- You must have deadlines or you will never accomplish anything that you set forth.. Each goal must have a deadline.
  4.  Chose your person- This should be someone trusted and who will hold you accountable.
  5. NO fear- Don’t be afraid to make revisions keep testing your ideas and update your journal until everything is fulfilled.

These are my 5 steps in developing a Life Plan- Your plan should empower you to identify and address your current realities, equip you to envision a better future, and gives you a road map for accomplishing what matters most.

Wishing you all continued success in your journeys and I look forward to us getting together for our live discussions.



Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Lifestyle Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Educator and Motivational Speaker



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