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20181013_211145We heard so much about this website “Wish” and someone said the lipstick company evpct had great glosses, so we thought we’d give it a try.  We ordered two (2) different Glitter lipstick shades from them and we tried them out for you so we could give you our honest feedback on the site and the products.

We ordered our products in September and received them in October.. Which was about 3.5 weeks (not too bad).  The order process wasn’t difficult at all, but something we did notice was this; even though you are getting a nice discount on the products the shipping cost and taxes is where they get you.  Once we received our  package, it was definitely nothing to write home about – meaning, the packaging was somewhat of the mystery package because, it came in and unmarked little white plastic type bag with nothing that said the product nor company name (shade).  Now, the products on the other hand were packaged nicely in there own individual little boxes with the company logo, as well as the lipstick tubes.  The colors are nice, but we don’t see any sort of glitter in them not even a little fleck of glitter can be detected (LOL!).  The glitter lipstick shown above are the two shades that we purchased one is #06 passion punch and the other is #01 frosted (UM! Do you all see the glitter?).


The texture of the product is silky not sticky even though it’s a color stay product.  The colors are bold and beauty and no awful smell or taste (thank goodness).  We used on Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief both products along with a lip-liner from Wet-n-Wild in 652C-Gone Burgundy:

I personal felt that both colors complimented our beauty and she even stated “I would definitely purchase and wear both of these colors.”  With that being stated we are giving this product by evpct 5 stars.

If you would like to try the product listed here in this post please visit: https://wish.com/dl  use code kythlws on your first order to get up to 50% off.



Article by: Asia Lawton- MUA / Licensed Cosmetologist

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