Hottest Fall 2018 Trends

AnxietyI know another season of trying to figure out what is on point and what is hot for the season.  Don’t panic we got you covered we’ve reviewed all of our footage from NYFW (New York Fashion Week), PFW (Paris Fashion Week), LFW (London Fashion Week), to MFW (Milan Fashion Week), and we’ve put together some of the trends for 2018 Fall season.  Now let me give you a little readers discretion here- All Trends Aren’t Good Trends!!

With that being stated this Fall season has so much to select from i.e. the 1980’s fashion revival, futuristic metallic’s, menswear inspired jacket, fabulous fabrics like hounds-tooth,  herringbone, and plaids..

Let Your Garden Show:

We love that you can wear the feminine floaty floral materials (sheers to lace), that we all have come to love so much during the summer.  As a Certified Image Consultant  I’m excited to be apart of the change; the dynamics of what “is” or “isn’t” technically winter/fall or summer/spring.  We’re opening up a bigger panel to select from- meaning, you can now take that cute strappy top and place a luxurious sweater underneath:summer top w-sweaterI absolutely love this look and the pop of color with the slacks is what is giving fall definition and details that will take this look straight into the next season.. We love that you don’t have to be restricted any longer with your fabric choices and taking this look from day to-night will be easy by adding a bold colored overcoat or a structured men’s inspired leather jacket:Leather leather Everywhere That fabulous structure is going to take your look to the next level (Level Up).. Then when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have another fabulous fall trend that we are in love with which is the tribal, patchwork or layered look:

What isn’t there to love about this fall trend? It’s so chic and adds such and edge to your wardrobe.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate a fabulous poncho or Kimono that you can layer and rework into several different looks.

Ladies guess what else is bringing sexy back?  Plaid!! I have to tell you I am a sucker for a great plaid pair of pants, but the plaid coats are too gorgeous for words:Prada PlaidWait and if this look isn’t your favorite- Shearling’s are everywhere from Stella McCartney, Prada, to Louis Vuitton they are slaying the game, and yes PETA is going to have a hard time telling the reals from the fakes (just a warning):

Now here is the best part of fall  WHITE, WHITE AND MORE WHITE.. Yup you just read that correctly.. We are taking white out longer than most people would think.. The other thing it’s long lean and clean lines. Who does it best is none other than Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam and, Tom Ford:

Now here is where I say all trends aren’t for everyone- We saw several different makeup looks on the runway and many went from extreme eyeliner, to overly smokey eye as if you went to sleep and forgot to wash your face, to just being overly shiny:

Take a little risk use textures and fabrics to develop your fall style, incorporate quilting, crochet, knits that will help you to strike that fashionable balance, I dare you to have fun.

Bonus Fashion Trends:

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I cannot wait to see you all rocking your fall 2018 trends!

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Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified  Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach

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