3 Simple Tip Mixing and Matching Patterns

Yes I’ve heard your cries regarding, how do you mix and match prints/patterns. This trend is actually a lot of fun- adds more creativity and expands your wardrobe.  sherbert and flowersI find mixing and matching colors, prints and fabrics a little liberating and brings such enjoyment to seeing what I can give birth to.  Let me just say this, it does take a little imagination and creativity to see these prints mingling and know how to tie all of it together.

Here are my three (3) tips for Mixing and Matching Prints:

1. Pair Mixed Prints with Neutral Solids: I think until you really get the full gist of mixing and matching this is a fabulous way to introduce the patterns and textures.  You can add a sense of subtleness to your mixed patterns by simply breaking them up using layers of neutral solids how Designer Derek Lam did for his collection.bold print with neutrals2. Make Sure Your Prints Have Some Kind of Similar Elements: Your patterns don’t have to match, they just have to go – I mean they should have a family relation.  Color is the main key, it’s the unifying element the basic color rule to keep in mind is: Find a single color that appears in all of the patterns.

Take for instants, my foundation was this beautiful cobalt blue floral blouse, light blue pin stripped wide legged pants (dark blue stripes), and a fabulous Cobalt blue Moto-jacket. The colors play off of each other, but ties everything together which marries this look together seamlessly.

3. Play with Size and Density of Patterns: Now take a deep breath- this is a little more advanced.  First, match bigger graphic prints with smaller ones; like a large abstract geometric print would look totally fabulous with a smaller floral.. Much like our first photograph the sherbet stripped blouse and the smaller floral/animal print skirt (LOVING IT!!)

Look, the whole idea behind mixing and matching is Enjoy Yourself!! Have a little fun don’t be afraid of trying new things and doing a few bold moves.. I cannot wait to see the looks that you all produce and if you have any questions please feel free to post your comments..

Happy styling!

sonya L
Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator and Motivational Speaker










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