Why Do We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear

shoppingI know we all have some common reasons why we keep holding onto clothing that we really need to get rid of or donate.  Have you ever noticed that when you try to purge your closets your anxiety levels seem to spike crazy out of control?
AnxietyLook understanding “WHY” it’s hard to let go of clothes you no longer wear or need is your very first step.  I’m going to break down my 4 top reasons I see that keep many from purging, as well as the continual stumbling block:

  1. The Items are new and still have tags on them: You’ve gone to the store and there it was the best item that you possibly could have found and you must have it! You grab it in two different colors, and rush out the store- Fast forward, somehow or another once you get this item home it changes it just doesn’t look that great, it maybe a little tight, you reason I’ll lose 5 lbs. and it will be gorgeous, or it simply doesn’t match anything in your wardrobe.. You place it in your closet and 6 months later it’s still hanging there. Let IT GO!! ( In my best Elsa voice) You don’t have to hold onto the guilt of purchasing this- the money is already spent, you cannot use this item and now you need to give it a better home or throw it away, but it still hasn’t made it to the bin. Allowing yourself to keep holding on to items will not allow you to purge and move forward with the things you truly need- it’s really that cut and dry.

closet purge2. Its one of the Hottest fashion trends: Okay all trends aren’t for everyone wait what did you just read? ALL TRENDS AREN’T FOR EVERYONE!!  Meaning, don’t fall into the trap of feeling you must rock or have what others are saying are on point.  They don’t know your body-type nor your lifestyle and sooo, everything isn’t for everyone.  I found that one of my clients was a trend trapper shopper and literally nothing in her wardrobe complimented her particular body-type, and it didn’t even complement other pieces in her wardrobe.  Once you see that you are falling into this trap you need to stop as soon as you can and start looking at your selections a little more practically. Give your closet a good once over see what you have and what you can build on or need be donate, once you start looking at your wardrobe as an extension of your personality you won’t be lured into the purchasing traps.motivation3. You have 3 different sizes in your wardrobe: I know your pain we lose weight, we gain weight, were between weights aka sizes, and our closets now look like our favorite stores clearance rack.. Urgghh!!  Don’t panic, just take a deep breath, and know even though you might have yo-yo(d) in your weight there is no reason why you cannot purge the things that are no longer needed nor look good on you.  We need to know that even though we all have gone through this, it was a moment and we need to allow ourselves to be comfortable at the size and shape we are currently. There should never be the just in case side of your closet- I assure you that most of the pieces are out dated and no longer reflect your current personality or look.

4.  Sentimental Value: I’m totally down with lasting memories, but if it isn’t your wedding dress (personally, I donated my gown to a charity for women who cannot afford to purchase wedding gowns) you can capture those memories in pictures.. Don’t get caught up in having 20 gowns that you will never wear again and still need to purchase a gown for another occasion. Donate your gowns and help someone else that would look just as beautiful and have a new memory to add in their life. Holding on to intangible items will not bring you happiness-allow yourself to live in the present and have a look back every now and then through the pages of your album.

These are just a few of my reasons why you need to let go of things you no longer are wearing or worn.  It’s time to bring new energy into your wardrobe by letting go.. Get your bins for 1. Donate 2. Keep 3. Recycle 4. Trash:

save keep give awayHappy purging and always remember that one mans trash is another mans treasure!


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Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

Have questions or a topic you’d like Sonya to discuss email: information@lapazimageconsultants.com

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