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GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI had the pleasure of attending StyleCon NYC – 2018, this past Saturday at Root Studio, which was turned into a fabulous open modern space to all the influencers, fashionistas and top brands to mingle and network.  I cannot begin to tell you all how fabulous this event truly was.  Let me introduce you to the vendors that made such and incredible contribution to StyleCon.

We was treated to a very different and refreshing dessert, that is made in California

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is wrapped in Mochi dough, which gives it a chewy but soft texture and they come in a huge variety of flavors from Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Mango (one of my faves), the other Ripe Strawberry, Green Tea just to name a few. Then we were offered fabulous health snacks to charge ourselves up on like protein bars, Core hydration water, and my new go to drink Suja Green Delight, which is a sweet nourishing smoothie, that burst with hearty greens and juice fruits and super greens:

I’ll give you more of the fabulous vendors and products at the end of our article.  Now on to the event!! We had our stunning host Mr. Jay Manuel that truly brought life into each panel and topic discussion. The first panel was “Models with A Message” that brought Becca Thorpe-VP Muse NYC, Director of Curve, Charlie Howard-Model, Founder of All Women Project, Hunter McGrady-Model, Curvy Sports Illustrated and Khoudia Diop-Model/Actress:

This powerful panel spoke on how important it is that the fashion industry finally needs to make changes to the “idea” of what body-image should be.  Most women are slightly or even over weight and some are just simply built differently, meaning they have natural curves and aren’t overweight by any means.  Listening to this panel it made me smile because, currently I’m a full-figured mogul and I am working on my weight, but not for others,  but for myself.  I want to be healthier eating better and celebrating my curves.. This is exactly what this powerful panel was imparting to all in attendance (Body Acceptance).

Next we had “Passion to Profit” this panel brought together the leading founders of the top brands that we are all familiar with. Shirley Yang – Founder of Muses App (currently not avail to those with Androids), Cheryl Eisen– Founder of Interior Marketing Group, and Stacey Boyd– Founder and CEO of Olivela:
These three very powerful women spoke on the importance of jumping and taking the leap into your dream, how not to allow yourself to feel that when you fall this is your place where you will stay… I felt such a major connection with Founder Shirley Yang, because she has a ring that state “This too shall pass,” which many of you who know me, can say this is my philosophy. This statement means, things happen in our lives and the hard lessons that we may have to learn and take away, are simply temporary and you can overcome your obstacles with something called sticktoitiveness.. These ladies are embolden others to believe and reach out for their own dreams.. Great topic!!

Then you won’t believe this, but yes Me – Sonya LaRae- had a fangirl moment.. LOL!! Why you may say, well I so admire this woman’s drive and passion for business.. It’s none other than one and only Founders of Marque Media, Lifestyle Influencer Heidi Nazarudin:

Heidi was apart of the panel “The Road to Digital Success” with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson: Founder, CAA Braintrust, Kelly Walton– Head of Experiential Global Marketing at Under Armour.  These ladies are powerhouses in branding and market development, and impart valuable gems to those who are starting up and those of us whom have been in the industry for a very long time… Helping influencers to realize there is more than just being a personality online,  that you must plug in which, will also require you to be personable and honoring your obligations and commitments to the brands that sign on with you.  Knowing what you need from the brand as well as laying out clear guidelines.  This panel by far was priceless:

Mr. Jay Manuel, Heidi Nazarudin, Kendra Bracken-Ferguson and Kelley Walton

When you thought it couldn’t get any better well they introduce Five time Olympic Medalist CO-Founder of Grander- Ms. Nastia Liukin:
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERANastia, spoke on “Never Quit On a Bad Day” she gave us such a wonderful experience of when she was 12 yrs. old she came home from a very trying, hard and frustrating day at the gym, and told her mom emphatically, I WANT TO QUIT GYMNASTICS.. Her mother stated to her, “you cannot quit on a bad day.” Nastia didn’t know why a few weeks passed and the very difficult and challenging routine that had been frustrating her to no end, she finally could land all the elements and was just beaming with pride.. When she came home Nastia, stated to her mother I did it mom 3 times in a row nailed it!! Her mom congratulated her and said “well, you now can quit.”  Nastia, looked puzzled and her mom said, the other week you said you wanted to quit.. I said not today because it was a bad day- You never can quit on a bad day..  I loved this story because, many times we run into hardships, failures and major disappointments, where we feel we need to quit.. Now, I will impart this fine lesson to others that I mentor and tell them they cannot quit on a bad day..

Our last panel of the day was “Beauty Trailblazers” that featured: Maile Pacheco– Founder of beGlammed, Lauren Ing– President of SMD Cosmetics and Rachel Ten Brink– Co-Founder of Scentbird, Deck of Scarlett.  These 3 women are true visionaries in their field of Beauty and impart the importance of developing and researching your brand.  Knowing the demand of your clientele, how you can benefit your bottom line by offering quality.  I truly enjoyed this powerful group of ladies that spoke of try, try and try again.. Which seemed to be the running them of this stunning event:

Jay Manuel, Maile Pacheco, Lauren Ing and Rachel Ten Brink

If that wasn’t enough StyleCon gave all of us that attended fabulous Swag bags that truly were stuffed with the best products and offers to make your head spin.  If you haven’t gone to StyleCon and your making your mark in this very competitive fashion business, then I encourage you to go.

As promised in the begin of our article we wanted to feature more of the fabulous vendors:

Puff Delights (Organic Cotton Candy)

The Better Skin Company


rose & thread – Made in NYC

ettitude – (Sleep first, Think later, Dream Always)

Health-ADE Kombucha

These are just a few of the brands that where in attendance:

StyleCon is uplifting, encouraging, motivating and empowering your entrepreneurial dreams!

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Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker

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