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color_wheelMany of my clients aren’t totally clear about what a “color analysis” actually is, and why you need to know this? Many are skeptical about color analysis, and some feel they can wear the rainbow/array of colors.  Can the shades you wear really make that much of a difference?

Let me start off by saying, YES- color is everything and breathes life into you and your wardrobe. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe a German philosopher (1850’s) realized the connections between different colors and how the different hues accented or brought out a person color, which made her create the “color psychology.”  The “color psychology” focused on the importance of color and how it affected thinking, feelings and reactions in people- that also showed how colors illuminated individuals complexions.

Having your color-analysis done doesn’t mean throwing your entire wardrobe away (I know that took a load off your shoulders)- Having your color analysis done will clarify the colors that compliment you and brightens your undertone.  There are four “true” color seasons (a little side note: There are also subcategories in each season), just like in a calendar year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Most people are a combination of two, resulting in light or dark versions of each season.  I find people are amazed at how stark some of the differences are when fabric samples are draped across them.  They see clear changes in complexion.  The wrong colors will make you look sallow or washed out, it can make you look tired and aged.  Where the right colors will boost, lighten and make you look glowing.

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Here are my top 6 reasons you should get a color analysis:

  1. You will know what colors to wear in your hair, makeup, wardrobe and accessories.
  2. Shopping for makeup and going to the hair salon will be easy and efficient.
  3. When you’re wearing the colors that align with you, your energy will increase, your self-confidence will increase and you’ll give your attitude a major boost.
  4. You will declutter your wardrobe of pieces that aren’t complimentary to you.
  5. You’ll be able to get dressed quicker, because you’ll remove the guess-work from your wardrobe and will look great in the selections.
  6. Look younger- I think this is the most important element.

Color is very important and knowing what colors work best for you is truly a vital piece to your success.

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Article by: Sonya LaRae- Certified Image Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Educator and Motivational Speaker

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