Attitude and Image

ralph-laurenYour style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence. There is a name for this-which scientist call it “enclothed cognition,” which basically means you take on the symbolic meaning of the clothes. Now with that being stated, here is the reality “Your attitude radiates from inside,” and when that energy is negative it has a large pull on your image, which in turn suffers.
You may feel what you wear doesn’t define nor determine your value as a person. Well, fair or not people judge us, by the way, we: 1. Look (our attitude) 2. Our Attire (how we dress) – This is how people perceive you and how they respond toward you. Your look and attitude will either make or break your success and your growth.
In 1890 Dr. William James published an article for the National Institute of Health, regarding “The Philosophy of Dress,” he believed clothing to be an essential part of the material self. As a Certified Lifestyle Coach, I have personally seen the effects that a wardrobe has on people’s feeling and emotions. You may put on a certain outfit and you have major confidence out the door. Your shoulders are back and you have a certain Je ne sais quoi (that little something that is elusive), then you have those mornings where you wake up and you just cannot pull it together.. You put on an outfit that just pulls you down all day until you get that call from your husband or friends that you go and change and you are picked up immediately. This is the power and energy of your Attitude and image these two are so closely related that they are kissing cousins.

How do you create a wardrobe that moves through “attitude and Image?
1. Wear clothes that fit you and feel physically good (fabrics matter)
2. Remove the items from your wardrobe that are associated with negative thoughts or memories
3. Donate clothes that no longer fit – let go and allow yourself to grow
4. Try to avoid item shopping focus on outfits that are complete or can complement other pieces in your wardrobe
5. Rotate pieces in your wardrobe, add colors that are bright and inviting
With just a few simple tweaks you’ll see how your attitude and image will improve and your movement toward success will follow closely.

Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Lifestyle Coach, Certified Image Consultant

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