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LaPaz is here for all your needs, and it starts with our name.  What do we mean? LaPaz-translated from Spanish to English means “The PEACE.”  Why LaPaz?I found that when people have too many things that collide together, they tend to have a lack of peace of mind… The questions of what to wear, how to declutter their life and wardrobe, and where do I begin?  With all these questions, one crucial issue may be on your mind:

How Can LaPaz Image Consultants help you? For the past 20+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting clients seamlessly step into life, careers, and wardrobes, they’ve always wanted.

Whether we’re navigating through your wardrobe or strategizing the next chapter of your beauty-regiment,  body-acceptance/lifestyle, makeup classes, or whatever we’re working on, for me, it’s All About Y.O.U.” Learning the tools and having the support, to tackle your true identity plus feeling and looking amazing each time you step your foot out the door, are some of the most critical elements.

I’m looking for to us connecting and working together!

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The journey starts now, and we need to map your course… Take a look around make sure you sign-up for our Bi-monthly Beauty Journal.